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  Start NPC:   Maat - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
  Level 61
  Items Needed:   Scowling Stone
  Smiling Stone
  Somber Stone
  Spirited Stone
  Kindred's Seal x 4
  Title:   Cloud Breaker
  Repeatable:   No.
  Reward:   Raises level cap to 70

  Previous Quest:   Whence Blows the Wind
  Next Quest:   Shattering Stars


  • Talk to Maat at level 61+ to receive this quest.
  • He will give you four random clues from the list below. Trade a Kindred's Seal to the people you have been assigned and they will each in turn give you a different strange stone. (key item)
  • Return to Maat when you have collected all four stones.
Clue NPC Location
A boy who only thinks of his sick mother. Raminel Southern San d'Oria F-8
An Elvaan who likes her knives sharp. Sobane Southern San d'Oria D-6
A little girl who wants to be a Royal Knight, just like her brother. Taurette Northern San d'Oria F-7
A young elvaan whose breath stinks. Maloquedil Northern San d'Oria J-8
A young man looking for a job where they're not too rough with him. Sheridan Port San d'Oria H-10
An old man running the Consortium warehouses. Fontoumant Port San d'Oria H-10
A second knight who specializes in the nirvana slash. Brifalien Port San d'Oria H-8
A shopkeeper who longs for customers that want more than scrolls of Stone. Rugiette Port San d'Oria J-8
A pioneer of the Palborough Mines. Babenn Bastok Mines J-6
A boy watching over Dalzakk's home while he's off adventuring. Gwill Bastok Markets E-11
A girl who is positive robes and bronze subligar are the lastest fashion. Brygid Bastok Markets K-9
A girl who thinks she can never be as good as her sister. Kaede Port Bastok J-5
The woman who lost the husband in the accident of Palborough Mines. Hilda Port Bastok E-6
Bastok's number five "doorman." Naji Metalworks J-8
A man so quiet, his boss is ready to call him "Silent Mountain". Raibaht Metalworks G-8
A man who is ready to move Bastok into the age of magic. Lucius Metalworks J-9
The smartest looking mithra child. Koko Lihzeh Windurst Waters(N) K-6
The man with a sharp discerning eye who perceives the right and wrong of NETA. Naiko-Paneiko Windurst Waters(S) C-11
A woman everybody called a "strange little poppet" when she was younger. Kerutoto Windurst Waters(S) J-8
A little girl sick of being left out all the time. Shanruru Port Windurst H-5
A man that gets upset when anyone tells him that "hats suck." Boizo-Naizo Windurst Woods H-10
A lady looking for another tasty frog. Sola Jaab Windurst Woods K-10
A man known for his magic doll upgrades. Koru-Moru Windurst Walls E-7
A lady that jumps for joy at the sight of Rolanberry souveniers. Kupipi Heavens Tower
A man looking for something snappy to hook his customers. Naiko-Paneiko Windurst Waters C-11
A weaving woman who lost her memory in Selbina. Mathilde Selbina H-9
A Galkan child who is great at hiding. Vobo Selbina I-7
A man who started raising his own sheep to get some good wool. Melyon Selbina I-9
A pupil of Zaldon who knows his fish. Gabwaleid Selbina H-9
A girl whose fiancé is all the way in Selbina. Celestina Mhaura G-8
The small mayor of a small town. Ekokoko Mhaura F-9
A guy who knows a lot about pirates for somebody that's never met one. Bihoro-Guhoro Mhaura G-9
A kid that wants to work with monsters when he grows up. Jikka-Abukka Mhaura H-9

Game Description

Client: Maat (Grand Duke Palace, Ru'Lude Gardens)

Use Maat's hints to search out for people who will trade you a strange stone for a Kindred's seal. Only then will you know your true limits.