Start NPC: Halshaob - Nashmau (H-10)
Scouting the Ashu Talif quest completed.
Items Needed: Imperial Silver Piece.
Title: None
Repeatable: Yes
Reward: ??? Item. Goldsmithing Gemstones. Koga Shuriken.

Previous Quest: Scouting the Ashu Talif
Next Quest: Targeting the Captain


1. Trade an Imperial Silver Piece to Halshaob (H-10) in the south-east corner of the Nashmau Port.

2. Go to the Black Coffin assault entrance, and enter when ready. Buffs wear upon entering.

3. Once inside, the NPC (Faluuya) will request you open a door to the ship's hold to continue. Make sure you are buffed before opening the door for her.

4. Once inside the hold, several Ashu Talif Crew will spawn and attempt to attack the NPC. These enemies will attack Faluuya regardless of whether they are provoked or not. It seems the only way to draw their attention away from her is to damage them. They are no more difficult than the Ashu Talif crew of the previous quest.

5. If she should become damaged (a likely occurrence) she will sprint out of the hold to the rear of the ship. Fight off whatever Ashu Talif crew are on her, and also the Ashu Talif Marines which spawn. These Marines are more difficult than their crew mates. Don't forget to cure Faluuya if she takes damage.

6. An NM crewman, Black Bartholomew, stands on the other side of the hold. If this crewman is defeated, all crew on board will vanish, and the NPC will be able to sketch in peace. For this reason, you should aim to defeat it, although you should not neglect Faluuya while you are completing this task.

7. Once the NPC completes her work, any chests will appear on deck. One will appear for completing the BCNM, another for killing Black Bartholomew, and a third if Faluuya took little to no damage at all. Open them, and click on the Life Raft to finish the mission.

Game Description


Halshaob, Nashmau


The Empress has sent her royal painter Faluuya to the Ashu Talif to sketch diagrams of the ship. The Maelstrom Company is to protect her as she completes her work.

Notes It is not necessary to kill the NM to get clear. If you just want an easy clear to move to the next quest; then all members stay with the NPC and none target the NM for kill. You can protect her, and while the NM will not die, she will finish her painting. She will take more dmg this way, but it is possible to finish without killing the NPC.


Note: This list is still incomplete.

Ancient Lockbox Contents Ametrine, Garnet, Gold Beastcoin, Sapphire, Koga Shuriken(100%),

??? Box can be a number of items.

Medicines: ??

Craft items: Cerberus Hide, Yoichi's Sash, Rainbow Thread, Silver Thread, Khroma Ore

Automation attachments: Optic Fiber, Turbo Charger, Dynamo

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