The Pub, located in Port San d'Oria is home to a wide cast of characters, including Croumangue, Thierride, Antreneau, Gulemont Perdiouvilet Ilgusin and Nogelle. The patrons have some jobs for adventurers looking for work. Location: Port San d'Oria (G-7)

Shop type: Pub


Name Items Sold Price San d'Oria Conquest
Croumangue Grape Juice 855 - 967 1st
Mushroom Soup 7,280 1st
Roast Trout 624 1st
Apple Juice 273 - 312 1st, 2nd
Roast Carp 473 - 540 1st, 2nd
Vegetable Soup 1370 - 1566 1st, 2nd
White Bread 182 - 208 1st, 2nd
Black Bread 109 - 124 Any
Boiled Crayfish 364 - 416 Any
Distilled Water 10 - 12 Any
Pebble Soup 182 - 208 Any


Name Purpose
Thierride Quest Giver

Starts Quests: A Taste For Meat
Involved in Quest: The Brugaire Consortium

Antreneau Quest Giver

Starts Quests: Over the Hills and Far Away
Involved in Quest: A Taste For Meat

Gulemont Quest Giver

Starts Quests: The Dismayed Customer

Perdiouvilet NPC

Involved in Quest: Lure of the Wildcat (San d'Oria)
Involved in Quest: Mhaura Fortune

Nogelle Quest Giver

Starts Quests: Lufet's Lake Salt

Ilgusin NPC
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