• SE Apollyon is a subsection of the Apollyon zone in the Limbus region.
  • It is reached via the Teleport-Mea crag entrance to Al'Taieu.
  • The first three floors have 1 Time chest (10 minutes), 1 Items chest and 1 Restore chest.
    • You can open all 3 chests on each level (so you can use your 2-hours on each level).
    • The Time chest pops after the floor's second normal enemy is defeated.
    • The Restore chest pops after the floor's fourth normal enemy is defeated.
    • The Items chest pops after the floor's eighth (and final) normal enemy is defeated.
    • The fourth floor only has the final Items chest.
  • Killing the level boss opens the vortex to the next level.
  • Very easily cleared with a balanced group of 12 players.
  • The first floor and a small portion of the second floor can be soloed by NIN.
  • A trio (e.g. RDM, NIN, THF) can clear the first two floors.
  • A 5-6 person melee party (e.g. NIN, THF, MNK, RDM, BRD) can comfortably defeat all enemies in the zone.
  • Drops AF+1 materials for THF, SMN, RDM, PLD, WHM, BLM, SAM, DRG, BRD, DRK, MNK, NIN, BST
  • Typical Ancient Beastcoin yield: 45
  • Reward for completion: Smalt Chip

AF+1 materials:

Item (Job) Item (Job) Item (Job) Item (Job) Item (Job)
Ancient Brass (MNK) Benedict Yarn (WHM) Brown Doeskin (BRD) Diabolic Yarn (BLM) Kurogane (SAM)
Argyro Rivet (WAR) Black Rivet (DRK) Cardinal Cloth (RDM) Ebony Lacquer (NIN) Light Filament (THF)
Astral Leather (SMN) Blue Rivet (DRG) Charcoal Cotton (RNG) Fetid Lanolin (BST) White Rivet (PLD)

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

  • Enemies: Inhumer x8 (Skeleton BLMs)
  • Boss: Grave Digger (Corse)
    • About 10,000 HP
    • Has all normal corse job abilities such as Danse Macabre (Charm).
  • Monsters on this floor are immune to piercing damage.
    • The Warrior ability Tomahawk will allow piercing damage, however it is still quite low compared to that which you would get on monsters occupying the other floors.
  • Occasionally one of the skeletons will be close enough to the arrival point to immediately blood aggro.
  • Be careful of adds from blood Aggro, they aggro from a very long distance.
  • Skeletons also have group aggro: 1 man dies and the whole party has aggro.
  • The chests on this floor have about six possible points at which they can spawn. These include the southeast, northeast, and southwest corners, and a few points in the central area. Occasionally, two chests will spawn at the same point, on top of one another.
  • The Items chest has 4 Ancient Beastcoins, and 1-2 AF+1 items (BRD, MNK, DRK, WAR, NIN, SMN), or crafting items (Light Steel Ingot, Darksteel Ore, Darksteel Sheet, Adaman Ore).

Also note the time box on this floor is 10 min, not 5 min as the picture says. Time chest is located in the middle, not under the boss.

Fourth Floor

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