Type: NPC
Location: Port Jeuno I-8

This NPC manages player transactions related to various Chains of Promathia endgame activities:

Whenever you upgrade an armor piece, Sagheera will have it ready for pickup after the next Conquest tally. She will only upgrade one armor piece per Conquest tally period.

In order to "purchase" items from her with Ancient Beastcoins, you must have access to Sea. When you talk to her, she will have an option to "Ask about ancient beastcoins." Here she will detail what you can purchase and for how many Ancient Beastcoins. Once you have traded her enough Ancient Beastcoins you can choose to receive the item you want. Here is a list:

Item Coins Required
Boxer's Mantle 75
Brutal Earring 75
Gunner's Mantle 75
Loquacious Earring 75
Metal Chip 75
Musical Earring 75
Stealth Earring 75
Charger Mantle 150
Flawless Ribbon 150
Jaeger Mantle 150

See also: Relic Armor +1, Artifact Armor +1, Ancient Beastcoin, Limbus

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