Mission Name:   Saintly Invitation
  Start NPC:   Any Windurst Gate Guard
  Requirements:   Mission: 6-1
  Rank bar 3/4 filled
  Suggested Level:   
  Title:   Victor of the Balga Contest
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Rank 7
  Ashura Necklace
  Previous Mission:   Full Moon Fountain
  Next Mission:   The Sixth Ministry


  • After talking with gate guards and accepting the mission, go see Star Sibyl in Heavens Tower who will tell you of a competition between Yagudo and Windurst and give you the key item Holy One's Invitation.
  • She will give you the Title: "Hero on Behalf of Windurst"
  • Go to Burning Circle Balga's Dais in Giddeus. One party of 6 persons from Windurst that are on this mission or have previously completed this mission may enter and you will fight 4 NM Yagudo (level 64).
  • The Yagudo can be slept and should be killed in the order listed above. They will use their 2 hour abilities. Defeat them to obtain the key item Balga Champion Certificate, along with a new title.
  • Solo'd by a 75 BLM with some difficulty. Recommended to bring along 3+ Yagudo drinks, a Reraise Hairpin, and ethers.
    • Can duo 75PLD/WAR (using Chivalry after first 2 NMs) and 75WHM/BLM, 3 Yagudo drinks each, killing SMN, SAM, WHM, NIN in that order (WHM's 2-hour will wake up the sleeping NMs. WHM will have Stoneskin up prior to sleeping, making it difficult to pull).
  • When they are defeated go to Castle Oztroja and fight Yagudo Flagellants until a Judgment Key drops - only one is needed.
  • You will have to get past a Yagudo High Priest to get to the Brass Door. The high priest has true sight and can see through invisible.
  • Whoever has the Judgment Key must trade it to the Brass Door. The key has 1 use only then will disappear. This door does not stay open long, and once it's closed there is no way to open the door from the inside. The only way to get a stranded party member through the door is to have them die just outside, then use tractor and raise.
  • Speak with Kaa Toru the Just just inside the door to obtain the Holy One's Oath and an Ashura Necklace.
  • Return to Windurst and talk to the Star Sibyl to complete the mission.

Game Description

Mission Orders
A mission issued by Heavens Tower. In reply to the Yagudo Holy One's invitation, you are to compete and triumph at the contest held at Balga's Dais deep within Giddeus.
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