Why Samurai?

Samurai is one of the most iconic jobs of 2007-era Final Fantasy XI. Samurai started off life in FFXI in the Rise of the Zilart expansion and was relatively weak at the time, mainly filling the role of skillchain maker only with very low damage output. However, beginning in 2006 and culminating in the infamous "2 handed buff" in late 2007, Samurai received a steady string of heavy buffs bringing it to the forefront of melee DPS jobs. By the end of ToAU Samurai had become a very strong job with unrivaled TP gain, very powerful weapon skills, adjustable weapon strategies to fit the needs of the event, and the best defensive ability of any melee, all while still retaining its crown of skillchain king. These continued buffs fostered an era meme that Square Enix loved Samurai so much they continued buffing them patch after patch, even when it was the best physical damage dealing job already.

Samurai shines at all melee-oriented events like EXP/Meriting, Dynamis, and Limbus, and unlike other melee DPS, Samurai is also quite good at non-melee friendly events such as ground HNMs because of their ability to gain TP without hitting the mob, allowing them to build skillchains to benefit Black Mages. There are very few events where having a Samurai is a detriment, which makes it an ideal first job or main job! It also is relatively easy to gear, mostly relying on items you can buy off the auction house or obtain from low level endgame like Sky. There will be some cost associated with gearing a Samurai due to the raw popularity of the job driving the prices of key items like Hagun, Fuma Kyahan, or Ochiudo's Kotes up, but once you have those pieces of gear it's relatively inexpensive compared to competitor jobs.

Abilities and Traits


Meikyo Shisui (1) - Grants you 3000 TP, reduces cost of all weapon skills to 1000 TP. 2:00:00 recast, :30 duration.

Meikyo is a pretty great 2 hour ability, granting you 3000 TP on demand and making it so any weapon skill done while this ability is active only costs 1000 TP. It is important to note you do not gain TP while meleeing with Meikyo active, but Eden has a bug currently where you do gain TP from your weapon skill hits. The optimal way to use Meikyo is to use the 2h, use one weapon skill, and then Meditate so you can start gaining TP, with this strategy you can usually get four to five weapon skills off during the ability window. The burst damage on this ability is insane once you start solo skillchaining, either with a 3 step Light or a 5 step Darkness.

Warding Circle (5) - Grants you and your party a chance to intimidate Demon Family mobs. 10:00 recast, 1:00 duration.

Pretty mediocre ability that everyone forgets exists until one person has a light bulb moment and uses it when randomly fighting a demon. Really not much to say about it, could use it in places like Dynamis - Xarcabard but randomly intimidating demons isn't exactly the most useful thing.

Third Eye (15) - Grants a buff that will cause you to dodge the next attack directed at you. 1:00 recast, :30 duration.

Third Eye is a cheeky little defensive tool that ends up being a very useful ability. This can full absorb weapon skills (even multi hit ones), abilities like Eagle Eye shot, and auto attacks, it cannot absorb AoE abilities and will actually be stripped by them. One great way to use this ability is to absorb big weapon skills with it, like you can react to a Colibri using Pecking Flurry and negate hundreds of damage. You can also use this as an easy way to get Utsusemi back up, since Utsusemi: Ichi has such a long cast time and is interruptible, casting Third Eye first to guarantee it goes off is a great use. See Seigan for how it interacts with that ability.

Hasso (25) - Grants Haste, Accuracy, and Strength when using 2 handed weapons. Increases casting time and recast of spells. 1:00 recast, 5:00 duration. Does not stack with Seigan.

This is a contender for the strongest ability Square Enix has ever put into the game. The numbers behind this are: 10% Job Ability Haste, 10 Accuracy, and a scaling amount of Strength depending on the level of your Samurai, the maximum amount being +10. If you look at the recast and duration, this ability can have 100% uptime and the only time you wouldn't want it on is when you are using its sister ability Seigan (or casting spells). Job Ability Haste is one of the rarest and most powerful stats in the game, as it isn't counting towards your other Haste sources like Equipment and Magical which you can and do easily cap in many situations. Haste gets better the more haste you have, so this ability both makes all your other haste better and is made better by those other sources of haste. The Accuracy and Strength also are just nice bonuses all around. It's hard to state just how powerful this ability is, in some situations this ability alone can increase your DPS by 40-50% or more. Please remember this significantly increases the cast time of spells, like Utsusemi, and in many situations you will want to click this buff off manually before you cast Utsusemi.

Meditate (30) - Increases the Samurais TP by 200 every 3 seconds, 5-9 times. 3:00 recast.

Meditate is the signature ability of Samurai and is built into the job identity of Samurai being a master skillchainer and TP gainer. Base meditate will grant you a total of 1000 TP over 15 seconds. Meditate with the AF helm or Relics Hands on will grant you a total of 1200-1400 TP over a maximum 21 seconds. Meditate with the AF Helm and Relic Hands on will grant you a total of 1400-1800 TP over a maximum of 27 seconds. This ability allows for some serious TP generation and is exceptionally useful for building TP when there is no mob around to hit. Meditate is one of the reasons that Samurai is so very good at end game, no other job can build TP while walking between camps in Dynamis, before a Kirin fight, or without even being in the main party when fighting Tiamat. If you have enough haste or luck, this ability also can allow you to self skillchain. Also when meditating, you can more reliably pull off solo skillchains by using the ability right before you are about to swing, and timing your WSes around the meditate tic timer to gain TP as fast as possible on your closing skillchain WS.

Seigan (35) - Augments Third Eye when using 2 handed weapons. 1:00 recast, 5:00 duration. Does not stack with Hasso. Increase casting time.

Seigan as an ability does absolutely nothing, but it is paired with Third Eye to create an exceptionally powerful defensive tool that is one of the main reasons that Samurai stands as the tankiest DPS job. While Seigan is active, Third Eyes recast is shortened to 30 seconds and will now absorb more than one attack. The amount of attacks absorbed is random, but the longer Third Eye has been up the lower chance it will stay on after absorbing an attack. This makes Seigan+Third Eye strong defensively, but inconsistent compared to other defensive tools like Utsusemi. Third Eye also has the chance to counter mob attacks with Seigan up. Please remember this significantly increases the cast time of spells, like Utsusemi, and in many situations you will want to click this buff off manually before you cast Utsusemi.

Store TP (Level 10-30-50-70) - Grants additional Store TP, up to 25 at 75.

When doing your Store TP calculations, make sure to remember Samurais gets +25 from traits, and can have an additional +10 from merits for a total of +35 before equipping a single piece of gear. This makes 6 hitting relatively easy on Samurai with a Great Katana, and 5 hitting even possible with Polearm after gear is added.

Zanshin (20) - When an attack is missed, grants a chance to automatically attack again.

It is believed that Zanshin has a 45% activation rate, and can activate not only on misses, but shadows, counters, guards, and even a scenario where 0 damage is dealt. The extra Zanshin attack also has +34 bonus accuracy applied to it. This is an interesting ability to talk about, it makes having lower accuracy on Samurai a lot less punishing than most jobs, although you really don't want to be sitting at low accuracy still. This also artificially inflates Samurai's accuracy percentage as the hard cap of 95% hit rate can be broken by Zanshin procs.


Category 1: Category 1 only really has two things worth meriting and both are exceptionally important.

Meditate Recast: Meditate's TP generation is a defining ability for Samurai, with 5 merits you can lower the recast down to 2:30 seconds which is quite a large increase for such a powerful ability. For example in 30 minutes of a party if Meditate is used on cooldown, you will gain 10 more meditates or 16~ more weapon skills by having a fully merited Meditate. The ability recast is even more useful in situations like Dynamis or Sky where you spend a lot of time not attacking mobs and instead running from point A to point B.

Store TP: Each Store TP upgrade gives +2 Store TP, for a total of +10 Store TP at 5 merits. This is a crucial merit for any Samurai to max as fast as possible because it is very necessary for most popular 6 hit builds. 10 Store TP is a lot and if you need to make this up in gear it usually is taking 1-2 very important slots away from better stats.

Category 2: This is much more flexible than Category 1, all 4 merits have some.....merit.

Shikikoyo: Shikikoyo allows for you to give a party member all of your TP over 1000 on a base 15 minute cool down. This can be used to funnel TP to party members to make skillchains or to build up the parties TP reserves before a mob is engaged. I think this is a fantastic 1 point merit that has a lot of utility for linkshell events and is great if you are coordinated and on the same page as your other damage dealers as far as building skillchains.

Blade Bash: Blade Bash allows you to stun a mob and sometimes also apply a Plague effect. This can be a serious life saver pretty much anywhere. Mob casting Blizzaga XIV on you? Bash it. Bhoot readying Perdition? No sweat, bash. Ninja mob in dynamis not dead and below 20%? Better bash that thing. It's a fantastic merit I would recommend everyone have a point in at least. Lowering the recast with extra merits is pretty nice too, this thing just comes in handy in so many situations.

Ikishoten: Ikishoten adds a 30 more TP (And some bonus for Store TP traits) on any Zanshin attack you land. This is an interesting merit, there are people that actually have figured out ways to play around Ikishoten's bonus TP, but the chance that Zanshin even procs if you are at capped hit rate is less than 2.5% of the time. There may be room for this in a Samurai's arsenal, but it is going to be extremely high level game play for very low potential rewards.

Overwhelm: The king of Samurai merits and proof that Square Enix loves this job. Overwhelm gives a flat percentage damage increase to any weapon skill you perform in front of the mob. The first three merits into Overwhelm give 5% each, and the next two merits give 2% each, for a total of 19% weapon skill damage. The "downside" to this merit is you need to be in front of the mob, which means you will constantly have to reposition before weaponskilling. Landing Overwhelm on every WS is probably the number one difference between good and bad Samurais.

Meriting Priority Order:

This is simply my opinion and honestly the order in which you merit things can change depending on the player so take this with a grain of salt. I would do:

Overwhelm 5/5 > Store TP 5/5 > Meditate 5/5 > Combat Skill Merits 8/8 > Blade Bash 1/5 > Shikikoyo 1/5 > Crit 4/4 > STR 5/5 > HP 8/8 > Category 2 of choice.

Overwhelm and Store TP are just mandatory to have on Samurai, while Meditate and Combat Skill Merits are huge DPS increases over time. After that you start to get into situational merits that don't feel quite as important.

Combat Skill merits will obviously depend on the player and what other jobs they care about. Samurai can make use of Great Katana, Polearm, and Archery but at the end of the day you can only have a total of 20 Combat Skill merits so you need to make decisions about which to take. Great Katana obviously will have the most application to Samurai as a whole, but remember that half or more of a Samurai's great katana damage comes from weapon skills that don't really care about Attack or Accuracy. Polearm and Bow on the other hand are lower skill, so you will likely need the accuracy, and use weapon skills that are the most attack hungry weapon skills in the game.

Sub Jobs

Fighter's Mask icon.png



  • Berserk is simply just an amazing DPS cooldown granting +25% Attack during its duration. Warcry is also a great minor attack cooldown.
  • Double Attack trait grants a +10% chance to gain an extra swing anytime you hit the mob. It is a huge damage boost to single hit WSes like Tachi: Gekko and also can proc twice on Penta Thrust for a 7 hit WS!
  • Provoke is really useful for getting a mobs attention and positioning.


  • No Defensive ability like Utsusemi and you even take more damage than normal because of Berserk.
  • Attack is a great stat for the TP gain phase and also for Penta Thrust, but is actually generally not adding damage to Tachi: Gekko because of the weaponskills built-in attack bonus.

When to use: Warrior sub is generally the most popular sub for Samurai, seeing application in most event spaces. It works in pretty much any situation you don’t explicitly need the defense of Utsusemi from Ninja sub. Dynamis, Merit Parties, Limbus, and BCNM content are all places Warrior sub can shine.

Ninja Hatsuburi icon.png



  • Utsusemi: Ni and Utsusemi: Ichi are defensively unmatched, able to absorb essentially anything except for AoE magic spells.


  • Ninja sub offers zero offensive bonuses.

When to use: Ninja is your defensive sub job, rotating between the two Utsusemi spells will let you take little to no damage in events. Ninja sub works well on content like Sky and Sea to avoid 1 shot moves like Kirin's Deadly Hold, Seiryu's Fang Rush, or Jailer of Loves auto attacks. Also it is used to avoid taking massive amounts of consistent damage like on Hydra who outputs huge amounts of raw melee attack damage or in very low man content where a healer might not be always available to heal off random melee hits.

Drachen Armet icon.png



  • Wyvern Earring is exceptionally powerful granting +5% Haste in the earring slot. Samurai has zero Haste options in the earring slot outside of this and can generally utilize the Haste very well.
  • Jump/High Jump are simple on demand extra attacks, nice for getting that little bit of TP you need to WS and create a skillchain.
  • Accuracy Bonus trait grants some extra Accuracy which is never bad


  • It’s possible to make TP setups that can get near the Haste cap without Wyvern Earring, making Dragoon sub pretty pointless if you have them.
  • Warrior sub can just offensively be stronger depending on the situation.
  • No provoke or defensive utility.
  • Currently on Eden, Jump does not work with multi hit weapons. This severely limits the potential of sub Dragoon with a Soboro.

When to use: This sub job can be used in any situation that Warrior sub job can be used. It is defensively a small bit better than Warrior sub because Berserk isn’t lowering your defense. Probably the strongest thing about Dragoon sub is the self skillchain ability. With capped gear Haste and access to on demand TP gain from Jumps, it is really no issue to make skillchains by yourself which can be a massive damage boost.

Rogue's Bonnet icon.png



  • Sneak Attack is a massive damage boost to your weapon skills and guarantees they do not miss, great for ending skillchains.
  • Trick Attack allows you to work in spaces where you cannot tank the mob as you can plant hate onto tanks.


  • Overall very little damage increase compared to Warrior or Dragoon in the majority of situations.

When to use: This is a pretty specific sub job, mainly seeing use against very hard end game mobs that groups use traditional tanks on. Some mobs you won't even be meleeing for TP, and will simply rotate in and out when you have TP. Thief sub is wonderful for these type of fights as all that matters is how hard your one weapon skill hits.

Hunter's Beret icon.png



  • Sidewinder is a ranged weapon skill that you can only use while ranger only. This weapon skill uses your Bows damage, meaning you can use low damage but high TP generation weapons like Soboro Sukehiro.
  • Performs exceptionally well against mobs weak to Piercing.


  • Sidewinder is wildly inaccurate (It has a penalty of -50 racc at 1000 TP) and requires some very hefty gear or accuracy food to even hope to land at a decent rate.
  • Soboro Sukehiro being multiple hit also means the mob gains significantly more TP than normal.

When to use: This is a popular sub job on Eden for leveling and meriting. It largely fills the same niche that Polearm Sam/war does as a strong piercing weak mob option that scales well with buffs.

Weapon skills

Tachi Gekko.jpg
Tachi: Gekko - The bread and butter weapon skill for Samurai, your highest damage Great Katana weapon skill barring relic. Due to the Attack/Accuracy bonuses, the only thing worth stacking for this weapon skill is Strength and the rare Double Attack/TP Bonus.
  • 75% STR Modifier.
  • 1.5625/1.875/2.5 FTP.
  • Gains a +100% Attack Bonus and also a +100 Accuracy Bonus that all 1 hit weapon skills get.
Yachi: Yukikaze - Situationally useful weapon skill for building skill chains, the weakest of the trio of Yuki/Gekko/Kasha.
  • 75% STR Modifier.
  • 1.5625/1.875/2.5 FTP.
  • Gains a +33% Attack Bonus and also a +100 Accuracy Bonus that all 1 hit weapon skills get.
Img 20210317 180420.jpg
Tachi: Kasha - Situationally useful weapon skill for building skill chains, mainly Light.
  • 75% STR Modifier.
  • 1.5625/1.875/2.5 FTP.
  • Gains a +50% Attack Bonus and also a +100 Accuracy Bonus that all 1 hit weapon skills get.
Tachi: Kaiten - Insanely powerful weapon skill that is only obtainable with a relic weapon, this weapon has very high FTP and unlike all the other Great Katana weapon skills can benefit from Attack buffs like Chaos Roll/Berserk/Food. In theory the strongest weapon skill Samurai gets unless the mob has very high defense.
  • 60% STR Modifier.
  • 3.0 FTP at all levels of TP.
  • No attack bonus and still has the +100 Accuracy Bonus that all 1 hit weapon skills get.
Penta Thrust (Polearm) - Penta Thrust is a powerful tool in a Samurai's arsenal as a weapon skills that scales well with buffs and a piercing damage option. This weapon skill is balanced around the fact it has a negative attack modifier, which means it takes more Attack to cap than a normal WS. When you start piling on the Attack buffs or the mob has low defense, this WS is quite simply beastly. Good for piercing weak mobs and high buff situations.
  • 5 Hits.
  • 20% STR & 20% DEX Modifier.
  • 1.0 FTP at all levels of TP.
  • Has an Attack penalty of 25%, meaning it needs significantly more Attack to cap than most weapon skills.

Skillchains to know



  • Yukikaze > Gekko = Fragmentation
  • Gekko > Kasha = Fusion
  • Yukikaze > Gekko > Kasha = Light
  • Yukikaze > Kasha > Yukikaze > Kasha > Gekko = Darkness

Party Play:

  • Shark Bite > Kasha = Light
  • Raging Rush > Gekko = Fragmentation
  • Gekko > Asuran Fists = Darkness


Meat Mithkabob - All around cheap and easy attack food. This is your throw away food, it's so cheap you can use it in any situation without worrying about gil. It is also amazing for parties on Colibri, as they steal your food.
Rice Dumpling - A great low level food that provides a mixture of Accuracy, Attack, and Ranged Attack for your bow at low levels. Useful from level 1 to level 40 or so until it starts to get out scaled by other foods.
Bream Sushi - The cheapest Sushi generally, bream offers all the accuracy benefits that a more expensive sushi like Sole or Squid would but lacks the Strength or Agility. This is also a popular Colibri food as some builds like Polearm or Sidewinder Samurai may need the accuracy.
Coeurl Sub - The next step up from a Meat Mithkabob, Couerl Subs have a higher attack cap and probably most importantly: Ranged Attack. This is a popular food for Sidewinder Samurais when Sushi is not necessary, or just normal Samurais when they want to step it up from Mithkabobs.
Sole Sushi - The bees knees of Sushi and also the most expensive Sushi. This gives a juicy STR+5 for your weapon skills which are basically all Strength modified. It does technically give a little less Accuracy and Accuracy % so make sure you are still capping your hit rate with it.
Carbonara - Carbonara is not going to give you the raw Attack or Strength that other foods do, and is relatively expensive. What it does do is give you the only source of a temporary Store TP buff! There are certain builds that can take advantage of Carbonara to switch out Store TP gear to gain more Haste and make it a worthwhile trade. The HP is also much appreciated as a defensive measure in some events like Dynamis.
Hedgehog Pie - This is a 3 hour food and is going to be decently pricey but is quite amazing as an Attack food! The cool part of this food is the temporary Accuracy+5 which really can help out in a lot of events that you need that little extra boost like Dynamis. It also provides STR+6 which is very high and even some cheeky HP. Really quite a great food many people don't use/know about.

Red Curry - One of the very few Attack+150 foods. Very expensive and very good, especially for Attack hungry weapon skills like Penta Thrust, Sidewinder, and Tachi: Kaiten. It also has the highest base STR of any food at +7. This is a special occasion food that is going to require you to take a loan out to obtain, but man do you do a lot of damage.

Hydra Kofte - What is this madness!? A Red Curry WITH a ton of Defense added? It's kinda insane but unless your linkshell is controlling Hydra at the time it will be exceptionally hard to get or prohibitively expensive.



Amanomurakumo  - Samurai's big daddy king of all weapons, the Amano. This is nothing short of a "Game Altering" weapon for a Samurai. The most important thing this weapon does is give you access to a new weapon skill: Tachi Kaiten, to understand what this weapon skill does please refer to the weapon skill portion of the guide. Outside of that the weapon gives a huge 20 accuracy, a chance to hit the mob for 2.5x normal damage, and a mostly mediocre proc chance to lower the mobs attack. This weapon is a little different than other Samurai great katanas because it has lower delay plus after you Kaiten it grants you an Aftermath of additional Store TP. Any normal Store TP advice is not applicable to the weapon because of that. The high base damage, faster swing speed, and 2.5x damage proc make this actually a powerful auto attacking weapon and swings Samurai's damage spread closer to a 50/50 split between melee and weapon skills.

Hagun - The most iconic and important weapon for 75 era Samurai! Hagun's a pretty simple weapon at heart, the damage is pretty okay, the delay is completely normal, but it has this "TP Bonus" on it. TP Bonus is essentially treating your weapon skills like you have +1000 TP when you use them, if you weapon skill directly at 1000 TP, it will do the damage of a weapon skill at 2000 TP. This ends up being a huge damage increase for Tachi: Gekko/Kasha/Yukikaze and makes Hagun your go to weapon at 75 unless you have a relic. The only time this weapon is not very useful is when you are weapon skilling strictly at 3000 TP, as the TP bonus does not allow you to go above 3000 TP and you would be better off with a higher base damage Great Katana.

Ushikirimaru - Ushikimaru is your "starter" Great Katana. Hagun is relatively expensive (floating at around 1 million gil on Eden right now) and not an option for many brand new Samurais. Your best bet would be to obtain a weapon like Ushikimaru, which is free and drops from an NM that you will likely kill a ton for sky pops anyways. This weapon has a nice mix of high base damage and some bonus Strength which is never a bad thing. Shinsoku is a similar Great Katana, but is likely not worth getting over Ushikimaru unless you get it very cheaply. Hopefully you will get a Hagun pretty fast, but if that isn't in the cards yet this is a good alternative.


Soboro Sukehiro - This is quite an interesting weapon to talk about, the base damage is absolutely dreadful but the TP gain is unrivaled and even the auto attack damage is really strong. The most common use for Soboro is to pair with a Ranger subjob which allows you to have the best of both worlds essentially, using a real full damage Shigeto Bow +1 to weapon skill while abusing Soboro's insanely fast TP gain. This weapon also is really just a good DPS Great Katana, in many situations it might even out damage Hagun but usually Hagun makes more sense. The downside to Soboro is going to be the amount of TP the mob gains from getting hit, which can be a very serious problem and put a huge strain on healer mana or even decrease overall party damage from Feather Tickle spam. It's also worth mentioning that this weapon is absolutely bonkers at level 50 and if you plan to level sync or use Samurai in missions that level cap you to 50 or 60, you will want to own it. Currently this weapon, and all multi hit weapons, do not proc on Jump and High Jump on Eden, which limits some of the ability of Soboro to output huge TP gain and skillchains.

Engetsuto - This is Samurai's current best 75 Polearm, eventually replaced by Tomoe once ZNM comes out but that is probably far away. Funny enough the NQ Engetsuto is actually better than the +1 HQ version because the delay being higher really matters for Polearms ability to 5 hit. Polearm is an exceptionally powerful part of Samurai's kit, mainly against low level mobs or mobs that are weak to piercing. Places you will find Engetsuto to shine are: Meriting, certain Limbus, Jailer of Temperance, anything low level you are farming, and more.

Gear Sets

I'll preface this by saying Samurai gear sets can get a little confusing specifically because of Store TP. If you are mix and matching any of these sets, please verify that they hit your necessary Store TP values with a calculator like this. 6 Hitting (or 5 hitting depending on your weapon) is one of the most important things you can do to increase your DPS, so please verify you are doing this.

Hagun TP (Basic) https://www.ffxiah.com/item-sets/378264
Stat Priorities: Store TP (Until 6 hit) > Haste (Until 25%) > Accuracy (Until 410) > Attack > Strength.

This set would hit 400 Accuracy (Max Merits, Hume DEX) with Hasso. General accuracy requirements for Meriting and Dynamis are around 405-410 so this set is a little low, Aces Helm has a place if you need the accuracy. Benefits of the Hachiman Kote +1 set is that you don't need to worry about Store TP in your weapon skill set and can just go full strength.

Below are options/replacements for the above set when just starting out, make sure you’re following the above stat priorities when mixing and matching.

Alternative 1 Alt 2 Alt 3
Weapon Ushikimaru Shinsoku Soboro Sukehiro
Grip Mythril Grip +1 Claymore Grip
Ammo Lightning Bow +1 Arco De Velocidad RSE Sachet
Head Aces Helm Optical Hat
Neck Justice Torque Chivalrous Chain Wivre Gorget +1
Ear1 Fowling Earring Merman's Earring Coral Earring
Ear2 Diabolos's Earring Merman's Earring Coral Earring
Body Haubergeon
Hands Hachiman Kote Dusk Gloves
Ring1 Sniper's Ring
Ring2 Sniper's Ring +1 Sniper's Ring
Back Forager's Mantle Amemet Mantle +1 Amemet Mantle
Waist Swift Belt Life Belt Potent Belt
Legs Shura Haidate Dusk Trousers Ryl. Knight's Breeches
Feet Fuma Kayahan Dusk Ledelsens Saotome Sune-ate
Hagun WS (Basic) https://www.ffxiah.com/item-sets/378265
Stat Priorities: Store TP (Until 6 hit) > Strength.

Because of how Samurai weapon skills function, there's no worries at all about Accuracy and even Attack is largely automatically capped. In the TP (Basic) set we use Hachiman Kote which allow us free reign to weapon skill in full Strength and not worry at all about Store TP requirements.

Below are options/replacements for the above set when just starting out, make sure you’re following the above stat priorities when mixing and matching.

Alternative 1 Alt 2 Alt 3
Ammo Tiphia Sting
Head Wyvern Helm +1 Shura Kabuto Wyvern Helm
Neck Chivalrous Chain Spike Necklace Fang Necklace
Ear1 Triumph Earring Fowling Earring Minuet Earring
Ear2 Triumph Earring Fowling Earring Minuet Earring
Body Hachiman Domaru Haubergeon +1 Haubergeon
Hands Pallas's Bracelets Enkelados's Bracelets Hachiman Kote
Ring1 Ruby Ring
Ring2 Flame Ring Ruby Ring
Back Forager's Mantle Amemet Mantle +1 Amemet Mantle
Waist Potent Belt Royal Knights Belt Barbarian's Belt
Legs Myochin Haidate +1 Shura Haidate Myochin Haidate
Feet Hachiman Sune-ate +1 Hachiman Sune-ate Heroic Boots
Hagun TP (Best in Slot) https://www.ffxiah.com/item-sets/378250
This set is very specific and requires exactly the Store TP gear listed to pull off both in this TP and WS set below. It is currently the "best" TP set you can have on Eden, but is exceptionally advanced and very few players even have obtained it. Because of the Store TP requirements I will not be listing alternative items for this set, the only thing that should be mentioned is HQ non Store TP items can obviously be NQ (Like Dusk Gloves). This set would hit 400 Accuracy (Max Merits, Hume DEX) with Hasso. Ace's Helm is an option.
Hagun WS (Best in Slot) https://www.ffxiah.com/item-sets/378251
This is a very specific set that allows the use of Dusk Gloves (+1) in your TP set, which is the optimal DPS set for a Samurai. This set is not for beginners as the gear requirement is very heavy but it is worth mentioning as it is the best current setup. This set requires 31 Store TP which means you do not need both Hachiman Domaru +1 and Hachiman Sune-ate +1, you can have 1 HQ and 1 NQ and still make the requirement.

Polearm TP ( https://www.ffxiah.com/item-sets/377918
Stat Priorities: Store TP (Until 5 hit) > Haste (Until 25%) > Accuracy (Until 410) > Attack > Strength.

This set would hit 408 Accuracy (Max Merits, Hume DEX) with Hasso and Bream Sushi. There is different ways to do this set, some people use Haubergeon +1 and Hachiman Kote for their setup because of needing the accuracy due to lack of Polearm merits. Just make sure to do your Store TP calcs to check if you are 5 hitting, I recommend aiming for Penta Thrust to only land 3 hits when doing those calculations for consistency.

Alternative 1 Alt 2 Alt 3
Grip Mythril Grip +1 Claymore Grip
Ammo Lightning Bow +1 Arco De Velocidad RSE Sachet
Head Aces Helm Optical Hat
Neck Peacock Charm Chivalrous Chain Wivre Gorget +1
Ear1 Diabolos's Earring Merman's Earring Coral Earring
Ear2 Diabolos's Earring Merman's Earring Coral Earring
Body Haubergeon +1 Haubergeon Hachiman Domaru
Hands Dusk Gloves Hachiman Kote +1 Hachiman Kote
Ring1 Sniper's Ring
Ring2 Sniper's Ring +1 Sniper's Ring
Back Forager's Mantle Amemet Mantle +1 Amemet Mantle
Waist Swift Belt Life Belt Potent Belt
Legs Shura Haidate Dusk Trousers Ryl. Knight's Breeches
Feet Fuma Kayahan Dusk Ledelsens Saotome Sune-ate

Polearm WS https://www.ffxiah.com/item-sets/377923

Stat Priorities: Store TP (Until 5 hit) > Accuracy (Until 410) > Attack/Strength > Dexterity.

This set would hit 410 Accuracy (Max Merits, Hume DEX) with Hasso and Bream Sushi. This set has tons of flexibility due to the rarity of some of the items (Like Byrnie +1) and differing accuracy requirements by event or from lack of Polearm merits. Some of the more flexible slots are Body, Hands, Legs, and Head as they all can be swapped around for different Accuracy/Attack/Strength requirements. Hachiman Sune-ate +1 are not required to 5 hit with this set, NQ will do the same thing.

Alternative 1 Alt 2 Alt 3
Ammo Lightning Bow +1 Arco De Velocidad RSE Sachet
Head Shura Kabuto Optical Hat Wyvern Helm +1
Neck Shadow Gorget Peacock Charm Chivalrous Chain
Ear1 Merman's Earring Fowling Earring Coral Earring
Ear2 Merman's Earring Fowling Earring Coral Earring
Body Haubergeon +1 Haubergeon Byrnie
Hands Ochiudo's Kote Horomusha Kote Noritsune Kote
Ring1 Ruby Ring Sniper's Ring +1 Sniper's Ring
Ring2 Flame Ring Ruby Ring Sniper's Ring +1
Back Forager's Mantle Amemet Mantle +1 Amemet Mantle
Waist Life belt Potent Belt Swordbelt +1
Legs Dusk Trousers +1 Dusk Trousers Shura Haidate
Feet Hachiman Sune-ate Saotome Sune-ate Rutter Sabatons

Physical Damage Taken https://www.ffxiah.com/item-sets/378283

PDT2.jpg Stat Priorities: Damage Taken-% > Physical Damage Taken-% > Parry and other defensive stats.

This set can be different depending on how weird you want to get with it, things like Parrying Torque, Boxer's Mantle, maybe some Evasion Earrings all could have a place if you have the room and want to do that.

Below are options/replacements for the above set when just starting out, make sure you’re following the above stat priorities when mixing and matching.

Alternative 1 Alt 2 Alt 3
Head Arhat's Jinpachi Genbu's Kabuto
Body Arhat's Gi
Hands Darksteel Mittens Seiryu's Kote
Legs Gavial Cuisses +1 Hydra Cuisses Darksteel Subligar +1
Feet Gavial Greaves +1 Hydra Greaves Darksteel Leggings +1
Magical Damage Taken https://www.ffxiah.com/item-sets/378284
Stat Priorities: Damage Taken -% (Until Cap) > Magic Damage Taken -% (Until Cap) > Magic Defense Bonus.

This is not a cohesive set and instead just options. Magic Damage needs may change based on what you do. Magic Damage Taken caps at a total of -50%, Shell IV gives you 23.4%, Shellra V fully merited gives 27.34%. Everyone approaches this set differently but I like to aim for being capped with Shellra V so at least 23% MDT.

Below are options/replacements for the above set when just starting out, make sure you’re following the above stat priorities when mixing and matching.

Alternative 1 Alt 2 Alt 3
Head Gavial Mask +1 Hydra Mask Coral Mask +1
Ear Coral Earring
Body Gavial Mail +1 Coral Scale Mail +1 Hydra Mail
Hands Hydra Finger Gauntlets +1 Coral Finger Gauntlets +1 Gavial Finger Gauntlets
Rings Merman's Ring Coral Ring
Back Resentment Cape Lamia Mantle
Legs Coral Cuisses
Feet Coral Greaves
Random Items to know about
Imperial Ring Best in slot ring for TP sets in Salvage and Assaults. Can be fit into an Ashitacast or Gearswap to detect if you are in those zones.
Vampire Earring A very good Weaponskill earring at night, with double the amount of STR as a Triumph/Bushinomimi.
Fenrir's Earring This is a straight upgrade over Merman's Earring in the daytime and makes a great piece for Penta Thrust.
Myochin Kabuto & Saotome Kote You will always want to carry these and swap them in for Meditate, they provide massively increased TP gain from that ability.
Regen Items When you are standing around it's a good idea to have Regen items equipped in order to passively gain HP.
Berserker's Torque This item applies a Poison effect to you when equipped and you have your weapon drawn, very useful for waking up from being slept in Dynamis or Merit Parties, really underrated item.
Opo-Opo Necklace The inverse of Berserker's Torque, you gain TP while asleep. Much less useful but much easier to get.
Medicines A sign of a great player is an inventory full of medicines. Antidotes, Echo Drops, Eye Drops, Holy Water, Remedy, Panacea, Poison Potions, Icarus Wings, Reraisers, Potions, and Elixirs all can absolutely save your group when things go awry. You just have to remember to use them!
Wyvern Earring This earring makes Dragoon sub a thing, allowing you to gain a huge Haste+5% in the ear slot.

Looking Forward

One of the cool things about private servers is we know what is coming next, and the Eden developers have generously provided us with a timeline to know what's in the near future. In the mid-term we are looking at Nyzul Isle Investigation. In the distance we have Salvage.

Nyzul Isle Investigation gives Samurai the Askar Korazin Set. Askar is overall pretty mediocre for Sam, the Head and Body look like they could see some play, but in general just don't fit into a Samurai's gearset well. The Hands and Legs are just generally bad and not worth using. The Feet have Damage Taken -2% and some nice secondary stats, meaning they completely replace Coral Greaves +1 in your MDT set and will be a very popular option in PDT sets due to the difficulty of obtaining some of the PDT-3% feet.

Salvage is the real content Samurai has been waiting for and should really flip the gear meta on its head with the Usukane Haramaki Set. The stand out pieces of Usukane are the Body and Feet, both have huge chunks of Store TP mixed with great other stats like Accuracy and Haste. Once these items are obtained, a lot of the current Store TP solutions listed in this guide like Hachiman Kote, Shinimusha Hara-Ate, and Hachiman Sune-ate really will be fully replaced by significantly better gear. The Legs, Usukane Hizayoroi, will also be pretty useful for weapon skills with their STR+5, DEX+5, Attack+10 which should make them the best Tachi: Kaiten legs as well as good Penta Thrust legs and even situationally good Gekko legs. The Head and Hands are very niche pieces of gear that might see play in evasion setups but overall are not offensively very good. Lastly the whole set of Usukane, that is wearing all 5 pieces, is pretty good! A mix and match set will offensively usually be better due to more Haste, but a full Usukane set has some really big upsides defensively and has a lot of accuracy for things like polearm builds. For example 5/5 Usukane will give you 30 Evasion, 13 Subtle Blow, and 2 Counter. If you are using a Haubergeon +1 set you could end up having 50 less evasion than a full Usukane set! Since Usukane has a Haste+5% bonus if you wear all 5 pieces, you don't even lose that much Haste between the two sets (13% vs 15-16%). It's not something I would recommend you use in every situation, but it certainly is something worth thinking about and having in your back pocket for certain things like low man content or harder to tank mobs.

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