Mission Name:   The Ruins of Fei'Yin
  Start NPC:   Any San d'Orian Gate Guard
  Requirements:   Mission:
  Suggested Level:    50
  Title:   Archmage Assassin
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Rank 5-2
  Previous Mission:   Magicite
  Next Mission:   The Shadow Lord


To Start Mission:

  • Head back to your hometown and rush to the San d'Orian court in the Chateau d'Oraguille for a cutscene.
  • After you arrive at the castle you will get a cutscene, but it's not over yet: you must speak with Halver before you can continue this mission. After speaking to Halver, visit the Gate Guard and accept the mission. Return to Halver, and he will award you the Key Item: New Fei'Yin Seal.
  • Form a level 50 party. You may use anyone from any nation currently on Mission 5-1, as it is the same for all 3 nations.
    Everyone will need level 50 gear, as this is capped at level 50.
  • The location of Fei'Yin is in the northeast corner of Beaucedine Glacier. Upon entering Fei'Yin your party will encounter another cutscene involving Zeid.
  • Upon entering, head east towards (K-8). At (K-8) you will see 2 dolls. There is a cermet gate on the east wall. Click on this gate and you will zone into Qu'Bia Arena. While in the waiting area, prep up for the fight.
  • The majority of the mobs in Fei'Yin detect by sound, but there are several mobs that aggro to magic.

Game Description

Mission Orders
This mission involves travelling to Fei'Yin, located on the Beaucedine Glacier. Visit Chateau d'Oraguille to learn more.
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