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File:Sanction (Status Effect).png Sanction is a a beneficial Status Effect that allows the acquisition of Imperial Standing credits and Crystals from defeated enemies that grant Experience Points while in the Aht Urhgan zones. It can be received by the Imperial Gate Guards after you complete Aht Urhgan Mission 2: Immortal Sentries .

Name Location
Asrahd Aht Urhgan Whitegate (H-8)
Famatar Al Zahbi (F-7)
Falzuuk Al Zahbi (G-6)
Nabiwah Nashmau (H-6)

Sanction Effects

While in a Sanction region with the Sanction effect active, the following will occur:

  • Defeating an enemy that grants Experience Points (i.e. Easy Prey or higher) will earn the player Imperial Standing Points amounting to 10% the Experience Points, or more, if battling in a region possessing the Astral Candescence.
  • When defeating an enemy that grants a player Experience Points, there is a chance that an elemental Crystal will drop from that enemy. (When in a party with other members who also have Sanction active, there is a chance that additional Crystals can drop.)
  • Players will receive a bonus of 5-15% addtional Experience Points for each enemy defeated, if Al Zahbi has the possession of Astral Candescence.

Note that Sanction is one of the few beneficial Status Effects that cannot be directly removed via its icon; once applied, you must wait until the Sanction effect expires on its own, or override it with another effect.

  • Signet will overwrite Sanction and vice versa, including the use of a Signet Staff.
  • Sanction grants no effect and no Imperial Standing Points in area not subject to Sanction; the excluded area includes all regions subject to Signet.

Sanction Effect Duration

Note: When Astral Candescence is not under imperial control, the Sanction effect duration is halved.

Sanction Enhancements

These enhancements only work when Sanction is active and the Astral Candescence is under imperial control.

  • The Astral Candescence is now in Al Zahbi, so you will receive an experience bonus from battles. You can also select one of the following bonuses in exchange for a slight decrease in your Imperial standing.
    • Choose a bonus for 100 credits:


Sanction strength enhances by successfully defending the Astral Candescence through consecutive Besieged attacks. As the server's winning streak continues, the bonuses conferred by the Candescence increase:

  • The experience bonus rises from 5% to 15%.
  • The meal duration enhancement doubles the normal length of food eaten.
  • The Regen enhancement is active at a progressively higher percentage of HP, active from 1 HP to an HP cap of up to 95% of the player's maximum HP. Regen is 1 HP/tick.
  • The Refresh enhancement is active from 0 MP to an MP cap of up to 85% of the player's maximum MP. Refresh is 1 MP/tick.