Start NPC:   Baudin - Upper Jeuno (G-8)
  Magicite; Jeuno Reputation 4
  Items Needed:   None
  Title:   Exorcist in Training
  Repeatable:   None
  Reward:   Holy Mace

  Previous Quest:   Crest of Davoi
  Next Quest:   None


  • Baudin tells you that his sister, Audia, has become cursed by some unknown force and craves the bloody raw meat of coeurl. Baudin is very concerned with his sister's well being and wishes he could do something to help. He mentions that Audia's fiance, Albrecht, prays at the Cathedral every day for her well-being.
  • Head to the Cathedral in Upper Jeuno and speak with the minster Mailloquetat for a cutscene with Albrecht, who tells you that none of his prayers have been answered and that his fiancee is still cursed.
  • Return to Baudin who will ask if you have any news of his sister's condition. After you say "no, nothing" Albrecht appears and inquires if there were any changes.
  • Travel to Ru'Lude Gardens and speak with Neraf-Najiruf, in the Jeuno guards' room (G-7), who tells you about a similar problem which was cured by a magical torch. He hands you the Ducal Guard's Lantern (key item) and asks you to light it in Eldieme Necropolis. (If you've got the Promathia mission Below the Arks active, Neraf-Najiruf will first talk about the broken crystals at the crags; talk to him once again and you'll get the lantern)
  • Exit to Batallia Downs from Upper Jeuno and enter Eldieme Necropolis at I-10.
  • You must travel to four Braziers in the following order:
  • First Brazier: Southwest, Location F-9
  • Second Brazier: Northeast, Location H-7
  • Third Brazier: Northwest, Location F-7
  • Fourth Brazier: Southeast, Location H-9
  • After touching the first brazier in F-9, you will receive a message saying, "The Ducal Guard's lantern lights dimly." Find your way to the second brazier in H-7, and after lighting it you will receive a message saying, "The light of Ducal Guard's lantern has intensified." Head to the third brazier at F-7 and you will receive the same message as with the second brazier. Finally, the fourth and last brazier in H-9 you will give you the message, "The Ducal Guard's lantern is fully lit!"
  • Head back to Upper Jeuno and speak with Baudin for a cutscene to complete the quest.
  • Return to Neraf-Najiruf in Ru'Lude Gardens to give his lantern back and inform them that it was not the cure to her sickness.

Game Description

Client: Baudin (House, Upper Jeuno)

Help rid Baudin's sister of the demon that has possessed her.
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