Mission Name:   Save the Children
  Start NPC:   Any San d'Orian Gate Guard
  Requirements:   Mission:
  Suggested Level:   13
  Title:   Fodderchief Flayer
  Repeatable:   Yes
  Reward:   Rank 2
  Previous Mission:   Bat Hunt
  Next Mission:   The Rescue Drill
  Replay Cutscene   
  Save the Children (1)   Jufaue Northern San d'Oria (J-10)
  Save the Children (1, 2, 3-A, 3-B)   Goblin Footprint Ghelsba Outpost (J-10)
  Save the Children (2)   Jufaue Northern San d'Oria (J-10)


  • Speak to a Mission NPC; you are told to see a priest at the Cathedral in Northern San d'Oria.
  • The priest is Arnau and is standing at the altar. You are told in a cutscene that orcs have captured some children and are holding them in Ghelsba Outpost.
  • Go to Ghelsba Outpost(G-9) (the large hut). Check the hut door and select "Save the Children".
    • You will then be presented with "Force it Open" or "Give Up".
    • Choose "Force it Open". This triggers a BCNM fight with 3 orcs:
Fodderchief Vokdek (Warrior)
Strongarm Zodvad (Ranger)
Sureshot Snatgat (Ranger)
  • Defeat the orcs and you will get a key which you can use to open the door and release the children.
    • NOTE: Only San d'Orians (current or former alliegiance) may enter this BCNM
  • Once you have the key you must click on the hut door again to activate a cutscene.

(DO NOT LEAVE Ghelsba Outpost without checking the hut door. If you forget, you will have to make your way back to do so.)

  • Return to a Mission NPC for a cutscene. You will get your Rank 2 here.
  • Go to the Cathedral for another cutscene with Arnau. (This is optional)

Game Description

Mission Orders
Rescue the children held captive in the Orcish camp in Ghelsba Outpost.

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