Start NPC:   Derrick - Lower Jeuno (H-7)
  Jeuno Reputation 5
  Items Needed:   Clock Tower Petition
  Title:   Clock Tower Preservationist
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   None

  Previous Quest:   Deal with Tenshodo
  Next Quest:   The Clockmaster


  • Talk to Derrick, who will give you the option to start a petition. When you agree, he then gives you the Clock Tower Petition item to take to other NPCs to sign.

The signers of the petition

  • There are 10 NPCs in total that you need to trade the petition to, who agree to sign it. They are in the following locations:
  • After you've traded the Clock Tower Petition to all the NPCs, take it back to Derrick, who will tell you that it seems unlikely that the clock tower will be torn down with that much support. This completes the quest.

Game Description

Client: Derrick (Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Lower Jeuno)

The famous clock tower of Jeuno is scheduled for demolition. Gather enough signatures to save it.
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