Start NPC:   Moari-Kaaori - Windurst Waters (South) C-9
  Windurst Reputation 2
  Items Needed:   Tahrongi Cactus (for success) or any other flower (for failure)
  Title:   Cupid's Florist
  Repeatable:   Yes.
  Reward:   Iron Sword or gil
  Previous Quest:   None.
  Next Quest:   None.


  • Moari-Kaaori will tell you he is lovesick and wants to give his girlfriend the rarest flower you can find. He will describe the flower with three adjectives. He tells you the people at the Rhinostery will have one for him.
  • Ohbiru-Dohbiru in the southern half of the Rhinostery at (J-9) will ask you about the flower. Answer his three questions using the same order and adjectives as used by Moari-Kaaori.
  • He will tell you it's the Tahrongi Cactus but that they've already used their last one.
  • To get a Tahrongi Cactus, go to the Tahrongi Canyon and in the mountains along the North-Western side (F-6) there will be the Tahrongi Cacti.
  • Take the flower back to Moari-Kaaori for your reward
  • If you answer the questions incorrectly you will be sold a different flower from the Rhinostery, and Moari-Kaaori will give you a smaller reward.
  • Repeating this quest correctly gets you 400 gil.

Game Description

Client: Moari-Kaaori (House, Windurst Waters)

Help the poor love-struck youth by going to the Rhinostery and buying him the perfect flower he needs to win over his sweetheart.
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