Type: Cutscene NPC

Location: Cutscenes Only


Semih Lafihna is leader of the Sibyl Guards and the Star Sibyl's personal Patriarch Protector. There are rumors that Semih will become the next Tribal Chieftainess of the Windurst Mithra tribes.

Involved in Missions

  • Bastok Mission 2-3: The Emissary
  • Windurst Mission 2-3: The Three Kingdoms
  • Windurst Mission 3-1: To Each His Own Right
  • Windurst Mission 5-1: The Final Seal
  • Windurst Mission 6-1: Full Moon Fountain
  • Windurst Mission 8-2: The Jester Who'd Be King
  • Windurst Mission 9-1: Doll of the Dead
  • Windurst Mission 9-2: Moon Reading
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