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A Maat Fight Strategy

Not too hard. Bring along a Panzer Ghalad for this fight along with the usual Opo-opo necklace, sleep potions, hi-potions and some def up food (I personally like fish chiefkabobs as a dedicated tank but it's up to you). Okay, sleep yourself to 100% TP, summon your pet and sic it on Maat while you fight Maat's pet but don't use your WS on Maat's pet, that's for Maat himself. once you kill Maat's pet, run out of range, heal yourself back up with hi-potions and let your pet fight Maat to the death. Now run in and hit Maat with rampage. That should send him packing. (as for your 2hr, I suspect using it will prompt Maat to use his as well which could give you trouble. If you don't need to use it, then don't. No need to risk it)


  • Lifedrinker Lars or Chopsuey Chucky are better damage dealers than Panzer Galahad but any jug that caps at 75 will work.
  • Have your pet initially fight Maat's Pet, Maat will then link onto your pet and gain hate. This leaves you hate free which can be very important if the fight goes bad. Then you can kill Maat's pet while your pet keeps Maat occupied.
  • Maat will use his 2HR regardless of when you use yours. The common thought is he will use it faster if you 2hr 1st. You can time this so that you use 2hr right before Maat's 1st pet dies, Maat then 2hr's his pet in return but you kill it soon after, meaning Maat wasted his 2hr.
  • Blink Band is very useful
  • Lvl up strategy -- Fight Maat when you are 500 tnl and come with a scroll of Miratete's Memoirs. If the fight is going bad use the scroll , you will lvl up mid fight and get a free Benediction effect as you will now have full HP.
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