A Warrior's Testimony from one of the following:


A Maat Fight Strategy - Great Axe

You'll need the opo-opo necklace, 4 sleep potions, a coeurl sub and an icarus wing to do this. Be a good idea to macro your warrior abilities along with using the icarus wing as you must do this very smoothly. Enter the arena, eat your food, and put yourself to sleep until you have 100% TP. Once you're all ready, head over to Maat and stand right in position. Now, turn on Aggressor, Berserk, Warcry and Mighty Strikes and pull out your weapon. Hit Maat once or twice and then use Raging Rush, immediately use your icarus wing and then another Raging Rush. If all goes well, you'll do a fragmentation SC (who says only samurai can do one man SC's?). Maat won't know what hit him! If it doesn't quite kill Maat, start praying you finish him off fast as he will whip out his big guns right away which could quickly finish you.

See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N11JKnalcOQ


You will need spartan hopolon, blink band, opo-opo necklace, 4 sleep potions, coeurl sub/sole sushi, icarus wing, vile elixir, and 4-5 max-potions. Sleep TP to 100%, equip blink band, use up enchantments on blink band and spartan hopolon. Change neck gear to the WS gear of your choice. Go up to Maat, use Berserk, Aggressor, Warcry, Mighty Strikes, engage, use Rampage, use Wing, Rampage. Maat will use Mighty Strikes, so be ready to pop potions. It should take a few more hits to cause Maat to give up, if not, you should have enough TP for a third Rampage.

See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aTY2UTRshU

oddball strategy: Axe+Great Axe self SC

Entered, used sleep potions with opo necklace till 75~80'ish tp (going for time record here). Switched to chiv chain used food and sparton hoplon and stoneskin torque and melee'd mat to 100tp. Used Rampage, switched in great axe and mythril grip+1 and full STR gear (vanguard belt > life belt and potent belt) popped icarus wing and Raging Rush. Had the old man survived Raging Rush, that would have triggered Reverberation.

Thats right, his HP bar was completely empty. Normally the old man gives up before its empty. I'm lv 69.

I tested the weapon change + icarus macro on a pld antica beforehand to be sure it does go fast enough for the SC.

I still missed time record by 12 seconds, so if you want time record looks like fragentation is still the way to go.

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