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Reduces an enemy's attack speed.


Spell cost: 45 MP
Spell element: Earth
Magic skill: Enfeebling

Merit Info:

  • Each additional merit increases slow effect by 1 and magic accuracy by 2.


Casting Time: 3 seconds
Recast Time: 20 seconds

How to Obtain

Obtained Merit Point Group 2

Other Information

Slow increases cast time on spells, wait time to recast a spell after a use, and weapon delay.
An effect of 100% Slow will double a weapon delay value. For Example: a weapon with a delay of 509 normally takes about 8.5 Seconds before an attack can be initiated. With +100% slow, this delay would be treated as 1018, or 17 seconds before an attack would occur.

Slow II Will overwrite the effects of Ninjutsu spell Hojo: Ni


  • Slow II (Increases delay between attacks)
  • Lowest value at -75 MND compared to enemy: About 12.5%
  • Highest value at +75 MND compared to enemy: About 35.1%
    • When merit level is increased by 1, the effect is increased by about 1%.


Dev Post on Potency

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