Job Ability

  • Consumes your own HP to enhance attacks.
  • Obtained: Dark Knight Level 30
  • Recast Time: 6:00
  • Duration: 1:00


  • When activated by a character with Dark Knight as a support job, each successful attack that lands will cause the user to lose 10% of his/her maximum HP and converts half that amount directly into damage.
  • The damage penalty of Souleater is NOT affected by Defense or VIT, Damage Taken+/-% such as Defending Ring(-10%), the Red Mage spells Phalanx or Phalanx II, -% Physical Damage Taken gear such as Earth Staff/Darksteel armor, -% Magic Damage Taken gear such as Coral Scale Mail, nor is it affected by the Paladin ability Sentinel.
  • The damage penalty of Souleater can be nullified by Stoneskin for an amount equal to the HP equivalent that the Stoneskin provides.
  • Souleater is subject to physical damage modifiers, examples being open-mouthed Hpemde(+100% damage), and Slimes(-50% damage); additionally the modifiers for damage type (slashing, blunt, or piercing) based on the weapon used will affect the damage dealt by the ability--e.g., Skeletons take extra damage from Souleater when used with a Club.
  • While active, this ability increases the user's accuracy by 25.
  • When activated and while active, a large amount of enmity is added to user.
  • HP converted into damage for a weaponskill is calculated before the weaponskill itself. For example, a Dark Knight using Guillotine will convert 40% of their HP into damage, since it's a four-hit weaponskill, rather than the ~34% it would of been had the four hits been separate (and assuming no healing in between hits).

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Souleater" <me>
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