(Occasionally abbreviated "Spawn")

A Spawn Point is a position on the map of an area, earmarked for the possible appearance (or "spawning") of a certain type of enemy. This term is often used to describe the location(s) where Notorious Monsters appear, though it may also be used by Experience Point Parties as well, in context of where enemies used for EXP can appear.

A spawn point will often randomize subtly throughout the grid square on the map where it is found, to discourage exact camping of the enemy. NMs, in addition, can often have multiple spawn points, one of which is chosen at random when the spawn occurs.

With regard to NMs in Lottery Spawn situations, a spawn point will refer to where a placeholder monster will spawn, rather than the NM itself. (This is as opposed to Timed Spawn and Forced Spawn situations, where the Spawn Point refers to a place the NM will appear directly.)

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