Job Ability

  • Adds your wyvern's strength to your own.
  • Obtained: Dragoon Level 1
  • Recast Time: 2:00:00
  • Duration: 1:00


  • Spirit Surge is a Dragoon's 2 hour special ability.
  • A Dragoon must have a Wyvern out in order to use Spirit Surge.
  • The Dragoon's Wyvern is absorbed upon use of Spirit Surge.
  • While this ability is in effect, Jump, High Jump, and Super Jump gain 100% accuracyVerification Needed as well as additional effects:
    • Jump temporarily weakens an enemy’s defense.
    • High Jump causes an enemy’s TP to be reduced by a percentage proportionate to the amount of damage inflicted.
    • Super Jump causes the closest party member behind the dragoon (from the point of view of the monster) to have his or her enmity reduced by half.
  • The Dragoon's maximum HP is increased by roughly 15% and is healed by the Wyvern's current HP.
  • The Dragoon gains a large STR boost. (= 1 + level / 5)
  • The Dragoon gains a large Accuracy boost.Verification Needed
  • The Dragoon gains a roughly 25% Haste boost.Verification Needed
  • The Wyvern's per-hit damage is added onto the Dragoon's individual attacks.Verification Needed
  • The Wyvern's current TP is added to the Dragoon's and with proper timing a self-skillchain may be performed.
  • The recast time for the Jump, High Jump, and Super Jump job abilities will be reset when using Spirit Surge.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Spirit Surge" <me>
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