The automaton will remain stationary wherever it is deployed. It will only melee if it happens to be within range of the enemy. It will chase the enemy only if it leaves the spell casting radius. If the automaton is outside of casting range after deployment or chasing, it will run in close to the enemy, and remain stationary once again.

Spell Availability
The list of available spells is determined by the equipped head and limited by the current automaton magic skill. Frames that do not have MP, such as the Valoredge Frame and Sharpshot Frame, are not capable of casting spells.

Compared to the Stormwaker Head, the Spiritreaver Head loses the ability to cast Cure spells, but it gains the ability to cast Absorb-INT, Drain, and Aspir.

Spell Behavior
The spell choices are determined by the current balance between ice and dark maneuvers. If there are more dark maneuvers than ice maneuvers, the automaton will cast Absorb-INT, then Enfeebling Magic. If ice maneuvers outnumber dark maneuvers, or if they are equal, it will use Elemental Magic. It will use Drain and Aspir in either case if appropriate and their timers are up. It will generally cast them before Enfeebling Magic or Elemental Magic, but after Absorb-INT.

Drain or Aspir will only be cast if the automaton's HP or MP is below 75%. They will not be cast on mobs which cannot have HP or MP stolen from them.

When using Enfeebling Magic, the specific spell chosen is affected by other active maneuvers.

When using Elemental Magic, it will cast the highest level spell available except for three instances.

  • The spiritreaver head will automatically detect extreme resistances, even without equipping the scanner. If an extreme resistance is detected, it will choose the highest spell to which the target does not have extreme resistance.
  • Spells have individual timers in addition to the global spellcasting timer. If it wants to cast the highest available spell, but that spell's timer hasn't expired, it will choose the highest spell it can cast immediately.
  • If the target has very low HP, it will choose the lowest spell that will kill the target (assumes spell will not be resisted).

Spell-Casting Delay
24 seconds with Stormwaker Frame and Mana Booster.Verification Needed
30 seconds with Harlequin Frame and Mana Booster.Verification Needed

Elemental Capacity
Resist Vs. Fire 0 / Resist Vs. Wind 2 / Resist Vs. Lightning 0


3 /

Trans Earth.gif

2 / Resist Vs. Water 3 / Resist Vs. Dark 3

  • Resist Fire: 0
  • Resist Wind: 2
  • Resist Lightning: 0
  • Resist Ice: 3
  • Resist Earth: 2
  • Resist Water: 3
  • Resist Dark: 3
  • Resist Light: 0

How to Obtain
Talking to Ghatsad as a 40+ Puppetmaster will start this quest to get this head. If you got the quest for the Soulsoother Head first, you can get this quest at level 50+, and vice versa. You must give him a Black Puppet Turban, plus either a scroll of Stone IV, Absorb-INT or Fire and a fee of 2 or 4 Imperial Mythril Pieces to begin working on your new head.

Wait Time
Wait time after trading the coins and materials is based on the scroll you used. You must trade Ghatsad an Imperial Coffee after each JP midnight passes.

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