The Starlight Celebration is Almost Here!

Master, Master!
The Starlight Celebration is here again, kupo!

The Starlight Celebration is Almost Here! 1.png

The lights! The sweets! The presents!
Just thinking about the fun keeps me awake all night, kupo!

Alright, you got me! I just can't keep a secret away from my favorite adventurer...

As you already know, the Starlight Celebration will begin in a few days. But what you don't know is that we Moogles are in a pickle, kupo. The trees that we had made for this year's festivities have vanished from Windurst! And what's worse, a terrifying treant has suddenly shown up at the Dhalmel Farm and is wreaking havoc on the locals, kupo!

Come to think of it, I haven't heard from my brothers and sisters working in Bastok and San d'Oria. What if there are crazy trees running amok in their towns as well...?

The Starlight Celebration is Almost Here! 2.png

Wait a minute... Treants in the towns...?
Didn't something like this happen a few years ago? There was some kind of freak accident at the Rhinostery in Windurst, right? If this is the same thing, we're in biiig trouble!

Anyway, as long as these freaks of nature are trouncing about our towns, everybody will be too scared to come out and take part in the Starlight Celebration's festivities, kupo! Even the smilebringers have said that they won't pass out their presents until they're sure the children will be safe.

The Starlight Celebration is Almost Here! 3.png

Ah, what to do? What to do!?
The treant won't go away, kupo!

Well, I guess it has come down to this...
My colleagues and I must take up arms to protect the city from fear!
Oh, don't worry. We'll do all the work. But, we sure could use a cheer or two from our humble masters, kupo!

Illustration by Mitsuhiro Arita

Event Period

From Dec 19 2006, to Dec 31 2006

Event Locations

During the event, in the below areas, a moogle will be ferociously fighting a treant wandering in the city.
Northern San d'Oria / Bastok Markets / Windurst Woods

Event Stores

The below areas will have some Starlight Festival-related items for sale temporarily during the event.


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