Start NPC: Saliyahf - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (G-7)
Items Needed:
Reward: 3 Imperial Bronze Pieces

Previous Quest:
Next Quest:


  1. Talk to Wazyih (F-11: upper level, center of F-11 (above NPC Fubruhn)).
  2. Talk to Saliyahf (G-7: lower level, next to the stairs) for a cutscene.
  3. Talk to Wazyih.
  4. Approach the boxes @ F-9 (behind the west tent) for a cutscene.
  5. Talk to Saliyahf for a cutscene.
  6. Talk to Wazyih for a cutscene.
  7. Find a blank target (like a ??? or mining point, but blank) in Al Zahbi to obtain the Munahda's Package key item.
  8. Zone into Aht Urhgan Whitegate after you find the package for a cutscene.
  9. Talk to Wazyih.
  10. Talk to Saliyahf for the last cutscene and reward of 3 Imperial Bronze Pieces.

Munahda's Package Al-Zahbi Locations:

  • G-7, in the water
  • G-8 Bastion; at entrance to South tunnel (after the doors)
  • J-9 Galeserpent Square;
  • H-9 Lower tunnel coming from Galeserpent Square to Chocobo Alley
  • I-5 Flameserpent Square; Base of fountain
  • J-7 The barrels behind Kahah Hobichai

NOTE: The blank target moves after someone obtains the key item.


Game Description

Client: Wazyih (Stoneserpent Square, Aht Urhgan Whitegate)

Wazyih's failure to deliver a package has resulted in a rift between him and Saliyahf. The self-proclaimed "Defenders of Aht Urhgan" need your help!
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