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Summons can be used to deal damage, enfeeble enemies, and buff the party.

Summoning Skill reduces the chance of spell interruption (similar to Healing Magic), and influences a summoner's Elemental Spirits.

Job Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 37 Cap at Level 75
Summoner A- 6 114 269

Summoning Skill does 4 things

  1. Decreases the wait time between when a Elemental Spirit is summoned and uses a spell. Plus the time between when it uses a spell and uses its next one. See {{Spirit Spell Casting Time}}
  2. Increases the intelligence of the AI of an Elemental Spirit. The spirit will generally cast more powerful spells and relevant spells more often. Light Spirit is also noted to defy the spell recast timer sometimes when your HP is low when its AI is better.
  3. It is also believed to reduce the chance of interruption when you are attacked while summoning. This one is not completely certain.
  4. If you are over skill cap it affects Blood Pact: Rage and Blood Pact: Ward
    • Blood Pact: Ward works on BP with less than 180seconds duration.
      • 30sec +1sec/skill 150skill over cap to max of 180seconds
      • 60sec +2sec/skill 60 skill over cap to max of 180seconds
      • 90sec +3sec/skill 30 skill over cap to max of 180seconds
      • 180sec no gain.
    • Blood Pact: Rage

Calling forth an avatar can sometimes improve a player's summoning magic skill. You will also be able to experience increases in skill when using the Blood Pact: Rage and Blood Pact: Ward pet commands.

Historically; Summoning Skill was first believed to increase the overall power of an Avatar or its Bloodpacts. However, this was proven false beyond a doubt when the level 20 solo battle with avatars were introduced, people with capped skill as well as people with nearly 0 skill could defeat the battles and land full damage searing lights most of the time. This skill was forgotten for a long time, and deemed to do absolutely nothing; until people decided to do research and discovered that it had a major impact on elemental spirits.

To get avatars you need to do certain quests and battles. See: Combat Skills for more Skill information.

Equipment that Enhances this Skill

Name Skill Increase
+12 +10 +7 +6 +5 +4 +3 +2
Summoner's Bracers +1 CheckCheck
Evoker's Ring CheckCheck
Summoner's Bracers CheckCheck
Marduk's Tiara CheckCheck
Summoning Torque CheckCheck
Astute Cape CheckCheck
Bahamut's Staff CheckCheck
Beacon Cuffs CheckCheck
Elite Beret +1 CheckCheck
Evoker's Horn CheckCheck
Evoker's Horn +1 CheckCheck
Magician's Mantle CheckCheck
Marduk's Crackows CheckCheck
Marduk's Shalwar CheckCheck
Nashira Crackows CheckCheck
Oracle's Braconi CheckCheck
Elite Beret CheckCheck
Penance Sabots CheckCheck
Penance Slops CheckCheck
Austere Sabots CheckCheck
Austere Slops CheckCheck
Penance Cuffs CheckCheck
Penance Hat CheckCheck
Rho Necklace CheckCheck
Summoning Earring CheckCheck
Austere Cuffs CheckCheck
Austere Hat CheckCheck
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