Job Ability

  • Performs a super jump.
  • Obtained: Dragoon Level 50
  • Recast Time: 3:00
  • Duration: Instant


  • Super Jump does no damage to enemy.
  • Upon usage, user will lose 99% of his/her accumulated enmity during the course of battle.
  • After usage, user will remain in the air for a short time. During this time he/she cannot be targeted by any attacks or abilities, neither ally nor enemy.
  • Ancient Magic will still land even after super jumping, unless you are still in the air when cast ends <proven by many deaths>
  • Upon usage, user's Wyvern will perform a similar ability known as Super Climb which like Super Jump makes the wyvern invulnerable for a few seconds, but has no effect on the wyvern's enmity.
  • While Spirit Surge is in effect, as seen from the enemy target’s position, the closest party member behind the dragoon has his or her enmity reduced by half.
  • When Spirit Surge is used, Super Jump's recast time will be reset to 0:00.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Super Jump"
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