Abbreviation: TP

A percentage indicating a character's ability to perform weapon skills. Similar to limit break meters from previous Final Fantasy games. The TP bar ranges from 0% to 300%, and a weapon skill may be used as long as a character has 100% TP or above.

TP is gained from any melee attack. The amount of TP gained is dependent on the delay of the weapon used. TP is also gained any time you take damage from a melee or magical attack. Damage over time spells, such as Dia or Bio, will only give TP if the initial cast does damage, not for the damage dealt by the status effect. Resting without the Signet on, or outside of the Conquest area will cause a character to lose TP.

Base TP

Updated TP Gain

The April 18, 2006 update changed the TP system so that weapons of various Delays would gain TP at relatively the same rate. The 5.0 TP floor was removed, and weapons of higher Delay gain TP at a rate similar to that of low Delay weapons. Shortly after the update, the players from Studio Gobli found the new TP formulas. The new formulas are:

Delay Tactical Points
 0 - 180  5.0 + [(Delay - 180) * 1.5] / 180
 180 - 450  5.0 + [(Delay - 180) * 6.5] / 270
 450 - 480  11.5 + [(Delay - 450) * 1.5] / 30
 480 - 530  13.0 + [(Delay - 480) * 1.5] / 50
 530 - 999  14.5 + [(Delay - 530) * 3.5] / 470

TP gained per hit is truncated after the first decimal position : say you use an Horror Voulge (Delay:489), the formulae above result in 13.27 TP/hit, which is truncated to 13.2 TP/hit.

Two Handed Delay (Sword Strap) works like Dual Wield delay and Tp is recalulated after reduction.

Additional TP Gain

Other instances in which a player gains TP:

  • When a player is hit by a physical attack, he gains 1/3 of what the attacker gained (once again, rounding down to the nearest tenth). Most enemies have 240 Delay, gain 6.4 TP, and give players 2.1 TP per hit (6.4/3 = 2.13333).
  • When a player is hit by a damaging spell, he gains 5 TP.

Enemy TP gain

Enemies gain TP in the following ways:

  • When attacking a player, TP is calculated normally based on Delay. Most enemies have 240 Delay, and gain 6.4 TP per hit.
  • When hit by a melee attack, enemies gain the attacker's Base TP + 3.
  • When hit by a spell that does direct damage, enemies gain 10 TP.
  • When hit by a physical Blue Magic spell, enemies gain 10 TP for every hit that connects.

Subtle Blow

The Subtle Blow trait decreases the enemy's TP gain per hit:

The Subtle Blow trait also affects the TP enemies gain from direct damage spells:

  • 10 * (1 - SubtleBlow%)

Subtle Blow caps at 50%.

Store TP

The Store TP trait increases TP gain per hit as follows:

For example
A Level 75 Samurai with Store TP IV (a bonus of 25% TP) using a Great Katana with a 450 Delay would get:
  • 5.0 + [(450 - 180) * 6.5] / 270 = 11.5 TP
  • 11.5 TP * 1.25 = 14.375 rounded to 14.3 TP
  • When a character with Store TP hits an enemy, only the Base TP is used in the enemy's TP gain calculations.
  • Store TP also applies to the TP gained from being attacked.

Dual Wield

The Dual Wield trait allows players to equip two weapons simultaneously and reduce their Delays. TP gain when dual wielding is calculated using this reduced Delay:

  • Combined Delay = (Delay1 + Delay2)
  • Reduced Delay = Combined Delay * (1 - Dual Wield %)
  • Reduced Delay per hand = Reduced Delay/2

If they do not, calculating the TP using the Reduced Delay/2 will give you an incorrect result.

For example

A Level 75 Warrior/Ninja with Dual Wield II and Suppanomimi (a bonus of -20% Delay) using a Maneater with 276 Delay and a Joyeuse with 224 Delay would get:
  • Combined Delay : 276 + 224 = 500
  • Reduced Delay : 500 * (1 - 0.20) = 500 * 0.80 = 400
  • Reduced Delay per hand : 400/2 = 200 delay
  • TP gain per hand : 5.0 + [(200 - 180) * 6.5] / 270 = 5.481... → 5.4 TP/hit
  • TP gain per round (assuming both main and offhand weapon don't miss) : 5.4 TP *2 = 10.8 TP/round

Shield Mastery

The Shield Mastery trait awards a fixed amount of additional TP when a player successfully blocks an attack with his Shield.


  • If an attack or a spell lands for 0 damage, it awards no TP.
  • Additional effects do not give TP.
  • Spikes do not give TP.
  • Counters give TP to the person who took damage as if he were hit normally. The defender who countered the blow gains no TP.
  • Chi Blast does not give TP.
  • Jump attacks give TP to the attacker, but not to the defender.
  • Avatar Blood Pacts do not give TP.
  • Corsair Quick Draw attacks do not give TP.
  • Multi-hit weapon skills give the attacker standard TP for the first hit, then 1 TP for each successive hit that lands. If the first hit misses, but the remaining hits land, only 1 TP for each hit that lands will be given.
    • Example:
A sword with 236 delay will have 6.2 TP return.
If only the first hit of Vorpal blade lands, they will have 6.2 TP return.
However, if the first hit missed, but the other 3 hits landed, it would result in 1.0 + 1.0 + 1.0 = 3.0 TP.
  • If single-handed weapons are Dual Wielded, the weapon skills gain 1 additional hit which return the same amount of TP as if 1 hit is landed
    • Example:
A sword with 236 and 225 delay will have TP return 5.3 TP per hand with Dual Wield II.
When doing Vorpal Blade, If both main hand and off hand weapons hit the opponent, the player gains 10.6 TP. If 3 consecutive hits also land, then they have 10.6 + 1.0 + 1.0 + 1.0 TP return.
  • Multi-hit weapon skills only give the defender TP for the first hit and the additional hit from the use of Dual Wield. The TP gained by the defender is the amount normally gained for each strike.



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