While the Shepherds might be placeholders, Wyvernpoacher can also spawn from Mercenaries. In fact, the times it was up, it popped instead of a Mercenary. This does not exclude Shepherds from being placeholders, but it's definitely not limited to Shepherds being the only placeholders. Sikbok - Kujata

Party/Level Setup and Strategies

  • 75 RDM/NIN or BLM/WHM with BRD/WHM can defeat NM with DoT method in around 30-45 minutes.
  • BST with a Familiar'd Antares pet can kill Wyvernpoacher easily. Melee with pet.
  • Well equipped 75 THF/NIN or NIN/MAGE can also solo this NM. For THF, it may be necessary to pull it closer to entrance and use bloody bolts on one of the lvl 30ish goblins.(They'll stick consistantly for 50-70 hp, compared to about 1/3 proc rate for 20-25 on Wyvernpoacher.)
  • Killable by 69RDM/THF 69WHM/THF and 70PLD/WAR without much trouble.
  • Soloable by 75NIN/THF with 65 Soothing Healer NPC Fellow with ease. Bomb Toss does 150+/- damage.
  • Soloable by skilled 75SMN using Carbuncle kite method.
  • Lv.75 Duo of PUP/WAR and PUP/PLD with standard Cure/Refresh Harlequin Head+Stormwaker Body Automatons. PUP/PLD was killed by Eagle Eye Shot but after that, PUP/WAR finished it off with ease. Recommend PUP/NIN for shadows.
  • Killable with a highly skilled experience points party level 60-62. PLD/WAR RNG/NIN RNG/NIN WHM/BLM RDM/WHM BLM/WHM won without much difficulty.

Drop Rate

What are peoples drop rates?

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