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Temenos is an area in Limbus. This area is only accessible if the Chains of Promathia expansion is installed, Promathia Mission 7-5:The Warrior's Path is completed, and the necessary Limbus prerequisites are met.

Temenos looks much like the Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi and The Garden of Ru'Hmet. It is the "Ou'Hpat Obelisk" mentioned in the storyline. Trading a single colored chip obtained from one of the three initial areas to the Matter Diffusion Module in Al'Taieu at time of entry will open access to one of the first three "layers" of Central Temenos. A different colored chip may be found on each of these layers; trading all three of these specific chips will open access to the fourth layer of Central Temenos, where Proto-Ultima may be fought.

Area layout is as follows:

Temenos - Western Tower

L1: Enhanced Tiger x9
L2: Enhanced Mandragora x9
L3: Enhanced Beetle x6
L4: Enhanced Lizard x9
L5: Enhanced Slime x6
L6: Enhanced Pugil x6
L7: Enhanced Vulture x6

Obtain: Emerald Chip

Temenos - Northern Tower

L1: Moblins
L2: Gigas
L3: Sahagin
L4: Demons
L5: Antica
L6: Tonberries
L7: Goblins

Obtain: Ivory Chip

Temenos - Eastern Tower

Enemy Type Mystic Avatar
L1: Fire Elemental x4 Ifrit
L2: Ice Elemental x4 Shiva
L3: Air Elemental x4 Garuda
L4: Earth Elemental x4 Titan
L5: Thunder Elemental x4 Ramuh
L6: Water Elemental x4 Leviathan
L7: Dark Elemental x2 Fenrir

(Mystic Avatars found randomly in chests; not all may be encountered)
Obtain: Scarlet Chip

Central Temenos

Central Temenos - Basement 1

Requires: Metal Chip

Temenos Aern
Temenos Ghrah

Central Temenos - 1st Floor

Requires: Emerald Chip

Airi (Ghost)
Iruci (Skeleton)
Enchanted Ahriman
Enchanted Dragon
Temenos Weapon (Evil Weapon)
Temenos Cleaner (Magic Pot)

Obtain: Orchid Chip

Central Temenos - 2nd Floor

Requires: Scarlet Chip

Elementals or Mystic Avatars
Fire Elemental or Mystic Avatar (Ifrit)
Thunder Elemental or Mystic Avatar (Ramuh)
Water Elemental or Mystic Avatar (Leviathan)
Earth Elemental or Mystic Avatar (Titan)
Ice Elemental or Mystic Avatar (Shiva)
Air Elemental or Mystic Avatar (Garuda)

  • When you defeat an Elemental, a Mystic Avatar will replace the Elemental of the element that is weak to the Elemental that was just destroyed. For example, when you defeat the Air Elemental, the Earth Elemental (if still alive) will be replaced by Mystic Avatar (Titan).

Mystic Avatar (Carbuncle)—flanked by Light Elemental x2

Obtain: Cerulean Chip

Central Temenos - 3rd Floor

Requires: Ivory Chip

Grognard Predator (RNG)
Grognard Mesmerizer (BLM)
Grognard Footsoldier (WAR)
Grognard Grappler (MNK)
Grognard Neckchopper (DRK)
Grognard Impaler (DRG)

Yagudo Kapellmeister (BRD)
Yagudo Archpriest (WHM)
Yagudo Discipilnant (MNK)
Yagudo Prelatess (BLM)
Yagudo Eradicator (NIN)
Yagudo Knight Templar (SAM)

Star Sapphire Quadav (BLM)
Wootz Quadav (DRK)
Lightsteel Quadav (PLD)
Star Ruby Quadav (RDM)
Whitegold Quadav (THF)
Fossil Quadav (WAR)


Abyssdweller Jhabdebb (Orc Paladin)
Orichalcum Quadav (Quadav White Mage)
Pee Qoho the Python (Yagudo Summoner)—Calls Mystic Avatar of Random Type

Obtain: Silver Chip

Central Temenos - 4th Floor

Requires: Orchid Chip, Cerulean Chip, Silver Chip

Chance of Spawning from Opened Chests(?)
Enhanced Koenigstiger
Enhanced Pygmaioi
Enhanced Kettenkaefer (Beetle)
Enhanced Salamander (Raptor)
Enhanced Jelly
Enhanced Makara
Enhanced Akbaba
Kingslayer Doggvdegg (Orc)
Ji'Gho Ageless (Quadav)
Koo Buzu the Theomanic (Yagudo Summoner)—Calls Mystic Avatar of Random Type

Final Boss

Historical Background

Temenos is the Greek word for a sacred space or holy precinct (or sacred ground). That space is the land which a sanctuary or temple is built on. The temple is only part of the sacred space; the rest is usually left unaltered (a grove of trees, a natural spring, etc). Temenos meant the space that was reserved or protected for the gods. Temenos has *other* connotations, but those seem to be relatively modern and take the term and give it a new meaning. The definition given here is the original meaning it had in ancient Greek society. Temenos is Greek for "to cut", "to delimit", or "to divide".