{{Percent Bar2|filled percentage|empty percentage|fill color*|empty color*|width*}}


{{Percent Bar2|3500|20400|red|blue}}

Percent Bar version 2.0

Identical in how it appears to its predecessor, it allows the same functionality, with a few modifications on how it's used. It allows you to make a thin percent bar, which can be resized by restricting it in your tables or pages with other code (it's width is 100%).

Instead of having to enter in two percentages, this template will do math for you. The first parameter is the numerator, the second parameter is the denominator. So if you enter {{Percent Bar2|30|100}}, it will display a percent bar with 30% filled. Instead of entering the percentages, you can also just enter in your current xp for (1), and total needed xp for (2) (do not use commas).

The third parameter defines the color of the fill bar (default "black"). The fourth parameter allows you to define the second color (default "white"). *Both these parameters are optional

See Template talk:Percent Bar2 for examples.

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