Displays the position with a link to the area's map and, if available, a tooltip map with the position highlighted.

  • area: The area to link to.
  • position: The position on the map.
  • map: Optional. The specific map if there are multiple maps for the area.
  • id: Optional. A unique id to give to the tooltip. Use if the same location (area and position) is repeated on the same page.
  • map link: Optional. "none" to remove the automatic link to the map.
  • exact pos x: Optional. The exact x position within the quadrant.
  • exact pos y: Optional. The exact y position within the quadrant.


Code Result
{{Position|Northern San d'Oria|C-8}}
{{Position|Windurst Waters|K-6|North}}
{{Position|Inner Horutoto Ruins|I-9|Lily Tower|map link=Lily Tower}}
{{Position|Ifrit's Cauldron|F-8|Map 5|map link=none}}
{{Position|Bastok Markets|F-10|exact pos x=10|exact pos y=8}}
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