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Start NPC: Waoud - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (J-10);
CS NPC Raubahn
BLU Level 66+
Items Needed: Blue Mage's Testimony
Title: Master of Ambition
Repeatable: Yes
Reward: Level Cap at 75

Previous Quest: Transformations
Next Quest:


  • The Blue Mage's Testimony is dropped by any Mamool Ja Mimicker.
  • Speak to Waoud in Whitegate.
  • Trade the testimony to the Imperial Whitegate in Aht Urhgan Whitegate.
  • You will be transported to Jade Sepulcher with the testimony and a Scroll of Instant Warp.
  • Trade the testimony to the door, the page will rip and you'll be transported in, stripping any buffs you have on you except Signet/Sanction and food. (NOTE: The Testimony appears to be normal and will remain in your inventory, but it is like a BCNM orb in that once you use it to trigger this fight, you cannot use the same Testimony again. If you lose the fight against Raubahn, you must farm another Blue Mage's Testimony from Mamool Ja Mimickers.)
  • You have 10 minutes as with any of the 70 Limit Break quests.
  • You must fight Raubahn.
  • He knows all level 70 and below spells, and will use any of them regardless of what you have set when you go in. He also casts any of the spells in about 1-2 seconds as opposed to the spell's normal casting time.
  • The primary strategy used for this fight is to deal out as much damage as you can before he kills you.
  • Starting with Frost Breath is a great way to begin the fight.
  • Magic Fruit or any other healing sources tend to be more of a hindrance than help in this fight.
  • The standard Opo-opo Necklace + Sleeping Potions are helpful as they allow you to do a self-Skillchain.
  • Icarus Wings aren't very helpful as the recast time on Chain Affinity is longer than the fight will be.
  • Bringing a Yagudo Drink and a couple Ethers is a good idea as MP can quickly become an issue.
  • Unfortunately this fight tends to rely a great deal on which spells Raubahn chooses to cast. Too many damaging spells will kill you, but if he uses spells like Geist Wall, and even Magic Fruit it only helps you as it gives you that much more time to do more damage to him.
  • Raubahn has access to Savage Blade, hit for about 600.

Game Description

Client: Waoud - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (J-10); CS NPC Raubahn

No questions. No refusals. Obtain a "Blue Mage's Testimony" and present yourself at the Imperial Whitegate.