Map 1
Acquisition (Part of Aht Urhgan Whitegate map


Map 2 (The Pit)

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The Colosseum, recently re-opened by the Empress of Aht Urhgan, is a site of competition. It currently plays host to a monster pit-fighting competition called Pankration in a part of the area known as The Pit.

Connecting Areas

Aht Urhgan Whitegate at ( F - 7 )

NPCs Found Here

Annihilation Cage (main entrance, NW)

Name Location Type
Zandjarl F-7 Jetton/Soultrapping vendor
Kaheema G-6/7 Battlecage Registrar
Kanawawa F-7 Cage Teleporter
Bebo Jhatabia G-7
Garawham G-7
Abhrem G-7 Soul Reflector Manager
Kadjayhal G-7 Official soul screener
Walzharn H-7 Red command platform guard
Hamgahn H-7 Blue command platform guard
Doel-Demiel Annihilation Cage fight announcer

Bloodlust Cage (SW)

Name Location Type
Rayeewa G-8 Battlecage Registrar
Kumumu F-9 Cage Teleporter
Ghasherd G-9
Masya Rhaliduva G-9
Idjham G-9 Soul Reflector Manager
Ghalizham G-9 Official soul screener
Djiahlm H-9 Red command platform guard
Wahrouzam H-9 Blue command platform guard
Flapping Gums Bloodlust Cage fight announcer

Carnage Cage (NE)

Name Location Type
Tadeewa J-7 Battlecage Registrar
Nalpupu J-7 Cage Teleporter
Saco Alyahka I-7
Rhamurya I-7
Biwhal I-7 Soul Reflector Manager
Wharoub I-7 Official soul screener
Sazahlam H-7 Red command platform guard
Zhayard H-7 Blue command platform guard
Pihk Khalatikal Carnage Cage fight announcer

Diablo Cage (tournament cage, SE)

Name Location Type
Salyadh J-9 Battlecage Registrar
Niwawa J-9 Cage Teleporter
Vyki Parabuju I-9
Yassham I-9
Whashai I-9 Soul Reflector Manager
Zhashdi I-7 Official soul screener
Habhayam H-9 Red command platform guard
Ghadjuyan H-9 Blue command platform guard
Juvenal Diablo Cage fight announcer

Mobs Found Here

  • There are mobs of nearly every type in the game seen here, but their names and stats and levels change, and the players cannot interact with them directly.


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