• Speak to either Joulet to begin The Competition or Gallijaux to begin The Rivalry.
  • Trade Moat Carps and/or Forest Carps to whichever brother you accepted the quest from until 10,000 fish are traded.
    • You can talk to the brothers again to see which one you've agreed to help.
    • You can trade multiple stacks at a time.
  • You receive 10 gil for each Moat Carp and 15 gil for every Forest Carp.
    • To learn your current total of fish, speak with Ufanne, who stands watch behind the two bickering fishermen. You may need to talk to the latter multiple times before she'll tell you.
    • While you can talk with the chosen brother to get a number, his count is allegedly the total number all players have traded since last maintenance. Disregard it. Only talk with Ufanne.
  • You will get Lu Shang's Fishing Rod and the Key ItemTestimonial upon trading the 10,000th carp.

Game Description

Joulet (Wharf, Port San d'Oria)
Catch moat carp by any means possible so Joulet can win a fishing contest against his elder brother, Gallijaux.
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