Start NPC:   Izabele - Metalworks (G-8)
  Bastok Reputation 1
  Items Needed:   None
  Title:   Gustaberg Tourist
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   500 gil

  Previous Quest:   None
  Next Quest:   None (See The Kuftal Tour)


  • Talk to Izabele; she has an idea for a tour business and wants you to help her see if it will work.
  • Form a full party of 6 characters level 5 or below.
    • There is no level cap, so your actual job level must be level 5 or below.
  • When everyone has the quest, go to North Gustaberg (west section) and talk to Hunting Bear near the falls to get a short cut scene and complete the quest.
    • There is some chance of aggro on the way to the falls, but you should be able to defeat any monsters as a party if enough are level 5.

Game Description

Client: Izabele (Near Cid's Lab, Metalworks)

You have been asked to form a party with five other people of level five and below to test Izabele's business idea. Your party is to make its way to Drachenfall in North Gustaberg where Hunting Bear, Izabele's partner, is waiting.
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