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Mission Name The Horutoto Ruins Experiment
Number 1-1
Start NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Requirements ---
Suggested Level 10
Items Needed ---
Repeatable No
Title Granted

- New "Best of the West" Recruit
- New "Buuma's Boomers" Recruit
- Heavens Tower Gatehouse Recruit
- Fresh "North Winds" Recruit

Reward Rank 1-2, Rank Points
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None The Heart of the Matter


  • After accepting the mission, go to the Orastery in Port Windurst and talk to Hakkuru-Rinkuru (E-7) for a cut scene.
  • Head to East Sarutabaruta and go to the entrance to the Inner Horutoto Ruins at (J-7).
  • OPTIONAL: Before entering, talk to Sama Gohjima, who is standing before the entrance.
  • Upon entering the Ruins, you will be in the Lily Tower (Map 1). Go down the stairs until you come to the main room.
  • Circle around the room and look for the crack in the center of the south wall at (H-9) (if you see dirt instead of brick floors, you've taken the wrong cracked wall opening).
  • Enter and go left. Click on the door at (I-9) to watch another cut scene with the Minister.
  • Next, search the six different Ancient Magical Gizmos until you find the Cracked Mana Orb. The Cracked Mana Orb will be at a random Ancient Magical Gizmo.
  • Take the key item you received back to Hakkuru-Rinkuru in the Orastery to complete the mission.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The minister of the Orastery in conducting an experiment in the eastern magic tower of the Horutoto Ruins, located in East Sarutabaruta. Inquire at the Orastery first, then go assist him.