Start NPC:   Leepe-Hoppe - Windurst Waters South (J-9)
  Windurst Reputation ?
  Items Needed:   Whisper of Flames
  Whisper of Frost
  Whisper of Gales
  Whisper of Storms
  Whisper of Tides
  Whisper of Tremors
  Title:   Heir of the New Moon
  Repeatable:   Yes
  Reward:   Ability to summon Fenrir or

  Ancients' Key or
  Fenrir's Cape or
  Fenrir's Earring or
  Fenrir's Stone or
  Fenrir's Torque or
  15,000 gil

  Previous Quest:   Trial by Earth
  Trial by Fire
  Trial by Ice
  Trial by Lightning
  Trial by Water
  Trial by Wind
  Next Quest:   None


Note: You may now go back and do the other prime avatar battles again, turn in the whispers, and it will not affect your ability to fight Fenrir. Furthermore, if you want to fight Fenrir again, all you have to do is speak to Leepe-Hoppe for another Moon Bauble.


Game Description

Client: Leepe-Hoppe (Rhinostery, Windurst Waters)

Leepe-Hoppe wants you to take on Carbuncle's request to gather the six "whispers," then pay a visit to the Full Moon Fountain...


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