Start NPC:   Lulupp - Kazham (G-7)
  Requirements:   Kazham Reputation ?
  Items Needed:
  Title:   King of the Opo-opos
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Opo-opo Crown
  Previous Quest:   Even More Gullible's Travels
  Next Quest:   Personal Hygiene


Once you have received the scent from Even More Gullible's Travels, speak with Lulupp the Opo-opo on the airship dock (G-7), where you will be introduced to Vuih Stecoppah in the cutscene.

You must trade the following items to the corresponding Opo-opos in the correct order: {Failure to trade in correct order will result in the loss of all previously traded items, and you must start from the beginning}

1. Lulupp (G-7) on lower dock, near Dheo Nbolo.

  • Broken Mithran Rod: Mithran Fishing Rod can be broken by fishing or bought from {{AH|Weapons|Ammo & Misc.|Fishing Gear}}.
  • You can break a Mithran Fishing Rod fishing up logs with a Fly Lure in East Ronfaure's Cheval River or in Kazham (with low lvl fishing skill + terrible feeling + monster music) or (Something caught the hook!!! You're positive you don't have enough skill to reel this one in!).
  • Says "Opoppo!"

2. Kukupp (I-11) in-between Migho's & Pakhroib's Residences.

3. Mumupp (J-9) inside Wahcondalo's Residence.

4. Roropp (H-9) in-between Poshei's Combat Gear and Ryuhkow’a Mercenary Merchandise.

5. Popopp (H-9) with Nomad Moogle.

6. Bubupp (I-8) behind M&P's Market.

7. Tatapp (G/H/I7-10) wandering around.

8. Kakapp (J-9) inside Wahcondalo’s Residence.

9. Lalapp (F-9) Chocobo NPC, behind the hut.

10. Nenepp (H-11) behind Mihgo’s Residence; can be out of reach; wait for it to walk closer.


  • Ensure you have a minimum of 4 free inventory slots. As you will receive the Opo-opo Crown and 3 Pamamas.
  • Four of the last five items on this list are Rare/Ex, so you can not purchase them from Auction House/Bazaar.
  • If you forget where you left off and come back and don't remember which one you traded to last, no worries. Just talk to them and they will say "Opopopopo! Opop-opo! Opo-opo!" and do a /bow motion to let you know you've done that part of the quest. Just move on to the next one until you get one that says "Opo-opo?" and you will know you have not traded an item to that Opo-opo.

Game Description

Client: Vuih Stecoppah (Docks, Kazham)


The Opo-opo in Kazham love your new "fragrance." Bring them what they want--in the correct order-- and they will make you their king!
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