Start NPC:   Chumimi - Heavens Tower
  Black Mage Level: 50+
  Items Needed:   Silk Cloth
  Title:   Paragon of Black Mage Excellence
  Repeatable:   Yes, by erasing AF memory
  Reward:   Wizard's Petasos
  Previous Quest:   Recollections
  Next Quest:   None.


  • Talk to Chumimi in Heavens Tower to get a cutscene.
  • Then talk to Koru-Moru in Windurst Walls and trade him a Silk Cloth.
  • Go back to Chumimi for another cutscene. You will receive a Sluice Surveyer Mark I (key item), which is a magic doll.
  • Go into Toraimarai Canal via the Three Mage Gate (or through Windurst Walls if you have the Rhinostery Certificate) and find the three ???.
  • The first is at H-7, fairly close to entrance. Check it and get a cutscene where the doll absorbs the magic. To get the cutscene, you must be on the same side of the gate as the ???.
  • The second is at I-9. Once you get there check it once for the first cutscene, the doll will say that he needs you to use your BLM powers and the cutscene will end. Use Manafont and check it again, and watch another cutscene. This is the only portion of the quest that requires you to be BLM. You may leave the canal after this and return as another job to fight the NM.
  • To get the third ??? you will need to spawn and kill a NM Magic Sludge. The NM is like all other elementals in that it's highly resistant to physical attacks, but is also resistant to magic. The fight is easy just takes some time due to most damage sources doing little. Use some Poison Potions if you want to reduce the danger of the Sleepga it can cast. It's recommended to bring Monks with Chi Blast and anyone who can use a Sword for Spirits Within to speed up this process. The Diabolos Blood Pact ability Nether Blast is also effective.
  • Head to J-8 and click on the ??? and defeat the Magic Sludge. Click on the ??? again for a final cutscene which tells you to return to Windurst.
  • Head back to Chumimi in Heavens Tower for the final cutscene and your reward.
  • Talk to Kupipi in Heavens Tower, she is near the Star Sybil door, and receive an Earthen Charm (Key Item).
  • Head back to Horutoto and past the Three Mage Gate to find the Gate of Earth. When you click on the Gate of Earth, you will get a cutscene. You will go inside the gate and see a wilted tree. Then the three Tarutaru walk in and talk about it, Shantotto and the other one complain then leave, and Yoran-Oran stays and says they never understand.

Game Description

Client: Chumimi (Star tree farm, Heavens Tower)
Summary:The cause of the star trees' poor growth seems to lie in the Toraimarai Canal. First, bring some silk cloth to Professor Koru-Moru so he can improve his magic doll. Then take the magic doll into the Toraimarai Canal to carry out an inspection.

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