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  Start NPC:   Zoriboh - Rabao F-6/7
  Chains of Promathia Expansion : Promathia Mission 2-5
  Items Needed:   Copper Key
  Title:   Rookie Hero Instructor
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Deluxe Carbine
  Previous Quest:   Chasing Dreams
  Next Quest:   None


Note: If you are in a party, and have more than one party members that needs to complete the same quest, you will need to activate the NM battle one-by-one. You can activate the NM right after the previous person completed the long cutscene after the NM battle.

  • Select the boat again for a cutscene and your reward - Deluxe Carbine
  • Finally, go back to Rabao and talk to Zoriboh to complete the quest and receive your 3000 gil .

Game Description

Client: Zoriboh (Near the oasis, Rabao)

How is little Sanctia doing? Zoriboh wants you to take her a present from her father and see that she is keeping out of trouble.
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