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Connecting Areas | Quests/Missions | ENMs | Goblin Footprint Cutscenes

At the very bottom of the mysterious ruins of Pso'Xja is The Shrouded Maw. This dank chamber is filled with a aura of darkness and it is said that the the glyph atop the pedestal is in fact a gateway to another dimension...

This area is the entrance to one ENM battle. It is a single room area with no mobs. You must use the Memento Circle to do battle.

Connecting Areas


Involved in Quests/Missions

Mission Country Starter Location
  Darkness Named Promathia ---    ---
Quest Country Starter Location
  Waking Dreams Windurst Kerutoto    Windurst Waters (J-8)


Name Restrictions
Level Time Members
Test Your Mite 40 30 minutes 6 people

Goblin Footprint Cutscenes (Ramblix)

  Darkness Named(pt.1)
  Darkness Named(pt.2)
  Darkness Named(pt.3)
  Waking Dreams(pt.1)
  Waking Dreams(pt.2)
  Waking Dreams(pt.4)
  Waking Dreams(pt.5)
  Waking Dreams(pt.6)
  Waking Dreams(pt.7)
  Waking Dreams(pt.8)
  Waking Dreams(pt.9)