de:Die Wahrheit des Legendenwächters

  Start NPC:   Deidogg - Bastok Mines (H-6)
  Warrior 50+
  Items Needed:   Mottled Quadav Egg
  Parasite Skin
  Title:   None
  Repeatable:   Yes, after AF completed
  Reward:   Fighter's Calligae

  Previous Quest:   The Doorman
  Next Quest:   The Talekeeper's Gift and
  Borghertz's Warring Hands

Palborough Mines

Castle Oztroja


  • Make sure you do not touch the ??? again or it will spawn another Ni'Ghu Nestfender and you will have to do the fight again.
  • After you bring the Mottled Quadav Egg to Deidogg, the cutscene suggests that you get a Parasite Skin from Castle Oztroja.
  • When you get to Castle Oztroja you need to go past the first doorway with the trapdoor and proceed up to the 4 lever door at the SW corner of G-8. You can find the combination to the door at the dead-end at (I-10).
  • Once inside this doorway proceed all the way up the stairs to a chamber with a pool in the middle of it. This pool will be surrounded by Tier 6 Yagudo and full of Yagudo Parasites.
  • The leeches aggro by sound and the Yagudo aggro by sight.

Game Description

Client: Deidogg (Ore Street, Bastok Mines)

Deidogg wants to prove that the Talekeeper Raogrimm was no hero. First, he wants you to defeat the Quadav nest guardian in the Palborough Mines that Raogrimm claimed to have killed, and take from it the mottled Quadav egg the Talekeeper failed to bring back.
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