Start NPC:   Chumimi - Heavens Tower
  Black Mage Level: 40+
  Items Needed:   Glowstone
  Title:   Doctor Shantotto's Supporter; Koru-Moru's Supporter; Yoran-Oran's Supporter
  Repeatable:   Yes, by erasing AF memory
  Reward:   Casting Wand
  Previous Quest:   None.
  Next Quest:   Recollections


  • You will be given an option to agree with one. It doesn't matter with whom you agree, as the message "No one paid any attention to you." will be displayed.
  • When you chose to side with a NPC you will receive a title from that NPC.
  • Koru-Moru and Yoran-Oran go off themselves to perform what they believe will fix the problem, but Shantotto will turn to you, and, after calling you a total loser, will ask you to go toss a Faded Crystal into the gorge in Xarcabard, and bring back a Glowstone, as she thinks that the lighting is the root of the problem.
  • Grab any type of crystal and travel to any crag (Holla, Mea, or Dem) or any teleport crystal (Altepa, Vahzl, Yhoat) and trade the crystal that you have chosen to the teleport crystal. The message "The crystal was drained of all energy." will be displayed and you will receive a Faded Crystal.
  • Travel to Xarcabard and head west to E-8 and look for two ???, the one that's inside the gorge surrounded by the lights is the one you want. You do not want the one that's on a cliff with the torch.
  • Trade the Faded Crystal to the "???" and a Chaos Elemental will appear.
  • Kill the Chaos Elemental and obtain the Glowstone.
  • Return the Glowstone to Chumimi, who will tell you that Shantotto left the Casting Wand for you, though she probably wants you to do something else for her.

Game Description

Client: Chumimi (Star tree farm, Heavens Tower)
Summary:The star tree saplings at the farm in the basement of Heavens Tower aren't growing very well. Doctor Shantotto and co. have ordered an investigation to try and solve the problem. Help them by bringing back a glowstone from the crevasse of Xarcabard.

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