Mission Name:   Three Paths
  Start NPC:   Cid
  Requirements:   Chains of Promathia expansion
  Suggested Level:   N/A
  Title:   Treader of an Icy Past
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   N/A
  Previous Mission:   Promathia Mission 5-2: Desires of Emptiness
  Next Mission:   Promathia Mission 6-1: For Whom the Verse is Sung


This is a long mission with two dungeons, an uncapped NM, and three BC fights.
  • It doesn't matter what path you choose when you talk to Cid; you don't have to start that fork first.
  • You can be working on more than one section at a time.
  • Complete all three paths below to complete the mission.
Fork 1 Fork 2 Fork 3
Tenzen Path Ulmia Path Louverance Path

Game Description

Mission Orders
To break the Wyrmking's pact, you must locate the Keeper of the Apocalypse as quickly as possible. To do that you must first learn more of Al'Taieu, as well as find Prishe and the mysterious boy.
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