Mission Name:   To Each His Own Right
  Start NPC:   Any Windurst Gate Guard
  Requirements:   Mission: 2-3
  Suggested Level:   Any; use Sneak/Invis
  Title:   ---
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Rank 3-2
  Previous Mission:   The Three Kingdoms
  Next Mission:   Written in the Stars
  Replay Cutscene   
  To Each His Own Right (pt.1)   Mashua Heavens Tower (?-?)
  To Each His Own Right   Goblin Footprint Castle Oztroja (F-8)
  To Each His Own Right (pt.2)   Mashua Heavens Tower (?-?)


Accept the Mission

Castle Oztroja

  • Set your Home Point in Windurst. Close to Heavens Tower is recommended since you'll be returning here.
  • Go out to Castle Oztroja. At level 30, the mobs will mostly be Easy Prey, but Sneak/Invis is still a good idea just because there are so many of them. And it's highly recommended that you bring a Scroll of Instant Warp/Warp Cudgel to get out easily.
  • Go to the door at I-8. You have to pull the 2 levers until a trap door opens beneath you and a cut-scene will begin. You must stand between the 2 levers to trigger the cut-scene and drop down.
    • If the mobs still aggro you here, just be patient and wait for all the Yagudo to face away from you. Then cancel Invisible and hit the lever.
  • After the cut-scene you'll be in I-8 on this map (the small sliver on the right side).
    • If you're doing the Onion Rings quest, this is where the ??? that you get the ring from is located.
  • Either make your way out of the Castle, or use your Warp if you brought one.

Note: If being assisted or assisting someone on this mission, the individual who has the mission flagged must hit the lever to get the cut-scene.

Game Description

Mission Orders
On the command of Semih Lafihna, captain of the Sibyl Guards, you are requested to track down the Minister of the Orastery, Ajido-Marujido, and discover his true intentions. Inquire at the Orastery if you lose track of him.
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