Mission Name:   To the Forsaken Mines
  Start NPC:   Any Bastok Gate Guard
  Suggested Level:   
  Title:   None
  Repeatable:   Yes
  Reward:   Rank points
  Previous Mission:   The Four Musketeers
  Next Mission: Jeuno


  • At first intersection make a right turn
  • At second intersection make a left turn.
  • At the fork in the road, take the right fork.
  • At the next intersection, take a right turn.
  • Once you defeat him he will drop an Rare/Ex item called Glocolite. You will need to defeat this NM for each person that needs this item.
  • Trade this item to the gate guard to end the mission.
  • Smothered Schmidt will destroy anybody below level 50. It is best to find someone to dispose of this NM or at the very least take this NM out for a walk around the mines. Alternatively, you can wait a while for it to depop.
  • You may skip this mission, as the Gate Guard may offer Mission 3-3 as well.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Bring back a rare ore from the Gusgen Mines on the Konschtat Highlands. First ask Davyad, an adventurer residing in the Mines District, how he acquired his load of the ore.
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