Start NPC: Waoud - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (J-10));
CS NPC Raubahn
50+ Blue Mage, Omens completed
Items Needed: 2 - Imperial Silver Piece
Title: Paragon of Blue Mage Excellence
Repeatable: Yes, by erasing AF memory
Reward: Magus Keffiyeh

Previous Quest: Omens
Next Quest: The Beast Within


  • Wait one in game day after completing Omens, speak with Waoud as Blue Mage and ask for a divination. You will not get a cut scene, but he'll say "Your fate lies beyond the gate of nobility". This costs you 1000 gil, like a normal divination would.
  • Go to the Imperial Whitegate at (L-8) and check it for a cut scene.
  • Note: Equip you af sword if CS on Imperial Whitegate cannot start.
  • Note: After checking Imperial Whitegate and receiving the cutscene, you can now speak to Lathuya to get another CS so that you can have the remaining three artifact pieces crafted. Each piece requires materials and Imperial currency. When trading these items to Lathuya, trade the Synthesis Materials first, then you'll have to trade the respective fee to her second. The pieces are:
Magus Bazubands
Magus Shalwar
Magus Jubbah
  • Note: Be sure to get 2 Imperial Silver Pieces prior to leaving on your journey. (Have all other party members helping get one.)

The first part can be done solo, you need 1 Imperial Silver Piece

The second part needs a party, everyone needs 1 Imperial Silver Piece

(The fight has to be done only once for everyone with the quest.)

Game Description

Client: Waoud - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (J-10); CS NPC Raubahn


A juvenile soulflayer has been discovered in the Alzadaal Undersea Ruins. Make your way to the ruins and eliminate this threat.
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