Traveling Merchants are a unique type of merchant. As their name suggests, they travel between the 3 starter cities of Bastok, San d'Oria and Windurst. They are a troupe who will appear in the city which is placed first in the weekly Conquest tally. As well as providing a standard merchant, they also provide other services, namely turning stacks of arrows, cards, ninja tools etc. into quivers, cases and toolbags respectively.


  • Nokkhi Jinjahl: Her job is to make quivers, bullet pouches and card cases. Trade her 99 arrows, bolts, bullets or cards and one Carnation to receive a quiver, pouch or case respectively
  • Ominous Cloud: His job is to make toolbags. Trade him 99 Ninja Tools and one Wijnruit to receive a toolbag.
  • Valeriano: He acts as a standard merchant and sells a few unique items.

There are a few other members to the group who do not provide a particular service. That being said, some of them may be involved in certain quests.

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