Job Ability

  • Deals extra damage when striking from behind a party member.
  • Obtained: Thief Level 30
  • Recast Time: 1:00
  • Duration: 1:00


  • Trick Attack's use will not remove any type of Invisible.
  • When activated, all enmity accrued from the user's next strike will be transferred to the party member the attack is initiated behind.
  • For this reason, some pieces from the Thief's Relic set, such as Assassin's Cape comes with an enmity + effect, aiding in the retention of hate by a tank.
  • The game is very strict in the definition of "behind a party member", as this ability will only work if both players and the target stand in a straight line. When doing Trick Attack & Sneak Attack together (aka: SATA or Fuidama), being lined up exactly behind your trick partner is more important than being perfectly behind the mob.
  • When active, the user's next strike may still miss and is not guaranteed to be critical.
  • This ability is very synergetic with Sneak Attack, as it is most effective when both abilities are active simultaneously. (Until the Assassin trait is obtained)
  • When used in conjunction with the Assassin trait, user's next strike cannot miss and is guaranteed to be critical, similar to a Thief's Sneak Attack.
  • Lasts for one minute or until an attack is made.
  • If this ability is used by a Thief, the next strike (not subsequent attacks such as in a multi hit weapon skill) will also receive a large boost in damage based on user's AGI. Weapon base damage will increase by 1 for every point of AGI the player has.
  • If this ability is used by a character with Thief as a support job, the next strike will not receive any boost in damage whatsoever, only transfer the attack's enmity.
  • Unlike Sneak Attack, when used in conjunction with a weapon skill, this ability will transfer hate for all hits of a multi-hit weapon skill.
  • This ability only works with physical attacks, will not work with ranged attacks nor magic-based weapon skills.
  • Usage of a ranged attack while this ability is active does not cause Trick Attack to wear off.
  • This ability is often abbreviated as "TA".
  • Some Japanese players may abbreviate this ability as "dama" (騙). "Dama" is the Japanese word for deceive, and is an abbreviation of the Japanese word for Trick attack, だまし討ち)
  • When combined with Sneak Attack, some Japanese players may use the abbreviation "fuidama" (不意騙) a combination of "fui" (不意, surprise, from the Japanese word for Sneak attack, 不意打ち) and "dama" (騙).

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Trick Attack" <me>
  • It is sometimes convenient to macro Trick Attack with Sneak Attack together, for example:
    • /ja "Trick Attack" <me>
    • /wait 1
    • /ja "Sneak Attack" <me>
    • /wait 1
    • /ws "Viper Bite" <t>
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