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  Start NPC:   Leepe-Hoppe - Windurst Waters (J-9)
  Windurst Reputation:
  Chains of Promathia: 2-3
  Items Needed:   Black Curry
  Habanero Peppers
  Mutton Tortilla
  Title:   Friend of the Helmed
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Cache-nez
  6000 gil

  Previous Quest:   Tuning In
  Next Quest:   None


  • Talk to Leepe-Hoppe a few days after completing Tuning In to receive this quest.
  • Travel to Kazham and speak with Jakoh Wahcondalo (the Chieftainess) and then go to the Mihgo's residence and speak with Romaa Mihgo. She will ask you to travel to Gemini Falls in Yuhtunga Jungle. There, you will see a ??? overlooking the falls and some pools of water (K-7). Click on the ???, watch a cutscene, and fight the five spawned NM bees called Nasus.
    • Soloable by a level 75 job. It's recommended to have Cure or Sleepga.
    • Soloable by a level 73 NIN/WAR
    • Soloable by a level 73 WHM/BLM using Sleepga, Haste, and Stoneskin.
  • Once defeated, re-examine the ??? and watch another small cutscene.
    • Please note that only one person may progress per fight. The fight must be re-done for each person completing this scene, with a respawn time of approximately 15 minutes or relogging between fights.
  • After the fight, talk to Romaa Mihgo again for a cutscene.
  • Next, to get by Gilgamesh's guard, you will need to gather a bunch of Habanero Peppers (Ex), which are dropped off Mantraps in Misareaux Coast, a serving of Black Curry, and a Mutton Tortilla.
  • Travel to Norg and speak with Comitiolus who guards the door to Gilgamesh. Trade him the Black Curry, the Mutton Tortilla, and the Habanero Peppers. Watch a cutscene with Kamui where you are told by Ildy-Goldy to travel to Beaucedine Glacier and talk with the Tarutaru Rhinostery adventurers in the tower at (I-7).
  • Once you arrive, talk to Torino-Samarino for another cutscene and 6000 gil.
  • Return to Leepe-Hoppe in Windurst Waters to get the finishing dialogue and the Cache-nez.

Game Description

Client: Leepe-Hoppe (Rhinostery, Windurst Waters)

The Mithran Tracker has taken the new tuning fork and left for a fabled protocrystal said to exist in the Northlands. She has failed to return. Assist Ildy-Goldy in gathering information about the tracker's whereabouts.