Classic FFXI community

This was one of the many worlds of FFXI. It was one of five servers created in December 2002. It was one of three of those servers deactivated and merged with the remaining two servers in January 2003. It was originally created from players world shifted from Ramuh, Leviathan, Caitsith, and Gilgamesh Servers. Its population was merged with the population of Kujata Server.

ID Number: 26 (number presently assigned to Lakshmi Server)

Activation Date: December 19, 2002

Deactivation Date: January 14, 2003

History in the FF Series

Typhoon (FFVII [JP]), Typoon (FFVII [EN])

Typhoon was a Summon who appeared in only one game in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy VII, he was a Wind-Element Summon, an element which never had a reliable Summon associated with it throughout the series (unlike Fire or Ice with Ifrit or Shiva for example). Typhoon was a pink/magenta colored floating monsters with 2 faces, one on each end, 2 arms, and 4 black horns. The dominant face was create a whirlwind while the back face would cause everything to turn upside down, forcing the enemy down to the ground with a hard landing. Typhoon was inspired by the Final Fantasy VI boss Chupon who was most known for using a Sneeze attack, ejecting players from the Colosseum when they waged a weak item.

  • In FFVII, Typhoon was a red Summon Materia located in the Ancient Forest, a primeval tepuis (a forest atop an isolated plateau).


"Disintegration"- deals Wind-element damage to all enemies (FF7)


Final Fantasy VII

Magic Power +4, Magic Defense +4, HP Max -10%, MP Max +15%

[★]- 0AP (allows 1 use per battle)

[★★]- 35,000AP (allows 2 uses per battle)

[★★★]- 120,000AP (allows 3 uses per battle)

[★★★★]- 150,000AP (allows 4 uses per battle)

[★★★★★]- 250,000AP (allows 5 uses per battle)

  • In FF7, gives Wind-element to weapon/armor when linked with Elemental materia.

Historical Background

In Greek mythology, Typhon was a gigantic monster born from Gaia, her final child (given birth to in Tartarus after the Olympians won the Titanomachia). Typhon was described as being large, having 100 heads and 100 serpents in the place of legs. It was defeated by Zeus and either buried beneath Mt. Etna, a volcano in Italy (which according to mythology, when it erupts, it is Typhon moving around) or cast back into Tartarus. Typhon is the father by Echidna of several monsters: Cerberus, Ladon, Chimera, Sphinx, Lernaean Hydra, Nemean Lion, Ethon, and Orthrus. Other spellings are Typhaon, Typhoeus, Typhus. Its name derives from the Greek word typhein meaning "to smoke".

In the Japanese translation of Final Fantasy VII, the Summon was named Typhoon. Typhoon is the name for tropical cyclones in the western Pacific Ocean. Typhoon is supposedly derived from the Chinese words tai fung, meaning "great wind", though some linguists think it is an import of the Arahic tufan, which itself is derived from the Greek word typhon.